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There are thousands of young people who had to delay their education and seek a job directly out of high school. However, they realized that getting ahead at their company or to reach a higher income level they needed to earn a college degree.

Test Drive College allows potential students an opportunity to see what it’s like to take a college course on line without the financial obligation or commitment. Through this web portal a prospect can take a college level course after completing a short questionnaire and speaking with an advisor. Once the course is successfully completed the student talks to the advisor again to discuss their future education plans. These courses have been created by Comcourse, a company that has created more than 200 quality courses adopted at several colleges around the United States.

The EducationDynamics Online Alliance Program is a network of fully-accredited online colleges that have promised to accept these courses for credit. The schools offer high-quality degree programs in a wide variety of interest areas. By becoming a part of our Alliance Program schools we will promote your programs to prospective students who are interested in the various degrees you offer. Most schools accept the free course the prospective student has completed towards the degree to make to entice the prospect to become a student at the institution.