Market Research

Attracting more students that match your institutional profile.


"Colleges need market data to increase their share of the expanding adult student market."

Carol Aslanian, Senior Vice President, Market Research

Our adult student market research provides the insights you need to shape programs, determine formats (classroom vs. online),  and select marketing techniques that will build enrollments.

Carol Aslanian and the Aslanian Market Research team will help you build adult student enrollments by determining:
  • What degrees, certificates, licenses, and courses are in highest demand
  • What is the demand for online vs. classroom study?
  • How attractive is accelerated study?
  • What do prospective undergraduate and graduate students know about you?
  • What times of the day and days of the week are most convenient?
  • What student and academic services are essential to make available?
  • What are the most convenient and attractive locations in your service area?   
In short, we will help you understand how well your current offerings match the demands of undergraduate adult, graduate, and/or online students. See how we do it.  

Why choose EducationDynamics for your market research? Read what recent clients say about our work. 

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