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With more than three million college students now enrolled in fully online programs, it is clear that online learning has "come of age."

At the heart of this new seminar is data from our recently published
Online Students 2013 report. Among the most compelling facts that will be discussed in detail at the seminar are:  

  • Fully one-third of fully online students are under the age of 30. 
  • Two-thirds of fully online students strongly believe that their online education was a good financial investment and even more (72%) strongly believe that it was a good investment of their time.
  • Two-thirds enroll at not-for-profit institutions, so, while a few for-profits have "outsize" market share, not-for-profits dominate the online education market.
  • Seventy percent enroll at an institution with a campus within 100 miles of where they reside and half are even closer (within 50 miles).
  • Seventy percent of fully online students indicate that if an online program were not available, they would not have enrolled anywhere (in a classroom program).

Each of these findings has policy, programmatic and/or promotional implications, all of which will be discussed in Scottsdale. Click here for additional information on seminar topics.

Note:  As a benefit to our co-sponsor Sloan-C members receive a $100 discount on each registration. Email for your membership discount code for the seminar.  To become a Sloan-C member go to

Should you attend?

Aslanian Market Research has teamed up with the leaders of The Sloan Consortium and The Learning House present this new, in-depth seminar covering all the essentials for institutions seeking to expand their online “footprint.”

  • Does your institution want to increase the number of online programs it offers?
  • Does your institution need data to pinpoint what online programs it should offer?
  • Have you been an advocate for your institution to “go online”?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you must consider attending this new seminar. 

Contact Scott Jeffe for more information.

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