6 Content Marketing Strategies for Higher Education


By: Christopher Tashjian Sep 25, 2018

6 Content Marketing Strategies for Higher Education

Create an eBook When you’ve got lots of content, the trick is to use it in different ways, too, so that you’re not just writing content for the sake of it. One great way to reuse a content – a blog post, for example – is to turn it into an eBook. If you have a series of blogs, this would also work as a way to reuse it, and would serve as a great resource for potential students and/or college parents, depending on the topic. My team at EducationDynamics does it all the time (its probably how you found us in the first place). While most of ours are extensive reports backed by our own data, yours can be simple 3-4 page “How-To’s” or guides. See some examples here:

Create a Video

You can also turn a blog post into a video! By using tools (such as Lumen5 or Content Samurai) you can create a sleek video with music and graphics easily, even if you’re not a well-trained videographer. Videos do well on social media, and it will likely get more attention than the written blog post on the exact same topic. LinkedIn is a great platform for short videos targeting adult and graduate students in the workplace.
Here is an example of a video that took us only a few days to produce. If you need help or ideas on video production, use the contact form below.

Add Infographics

People like pictures, so if your blog post has great images and infographics, it will get more shares and attention. Tools such as Canva and Venngage have affordable (often free) templates so you can create eye-catching infographics for your website and blog.

Get into Email Marketing

Email is still a very popular way to communicate with your target audience. Depending on your email list segmentation, you can email a link to your latest piece of content. If you’re not up on your email game just yet, you can also consider putting a link to your latest blog post in your email signature. It’s small, but every little bit counts!

Use Content-Sharing Sites

Content-sharing sites, such as Reddit, can be a great place to share your content, and it shows the search engines that you’re actively looking for ways to distribute content. With a site like Reddit, you can find “subreddits” that are talking about your topic, where you can place content right in front of your target audience.

Schedule Your Social Posts

Of course, social media is a great place for you to share your content. However, it helps if you go about it with a little strategy, and scheduling your posts will save you time. When you schedule your posts, make sure you’re scheduling your content more than once. Try posting it at different times of the day, on different days, and writing different captions or taglines with it.
Whether you use all of these ideas or just a few, always remember to mix it up and share your content in different ways and in new places. You don’t want all of the content you’ve created to sit in a dark corner – use it to your advantage! And if you need help creating or distributing content, please reach out to us. We can assist in the process or simply help with strategy.