We work in higher education because we believe in the mission of expanding opportunity. We believe that our talents and creative abilities are best used by helping others and we value the transformative impact we have on higher education. We value working hard together to solve difficult challenges and challenging each other to create better solutions. The colleges and universities we work with are our full partners, and we have a shared goal to optimally service career-focused prospective students.


There is a community of interest among each and every one of us. We work together to ensure our collective success.


We work to live our values each day and in every interaction with our partners, prospective students, and the community at large.

Be Selfless

We strive to always do what is best for our students, schools, and business. We are a team that makes individual accomplishments secondary to team accomplishments. We share information and resources internally and externally whenever possible.


We challenge prevailing assumptions and strive to find a better way to accomplish our goals. We actively seek out solutions that are creative yet simple. Our innovations are data-driven, tested internally, and validated before they are ever applied to our clients.

Act Resourcefully

As individuals and a company, we take the initiative to get things done, regardless of the challenges you face. Our team members are given ownership of challenges and opportunities, and provided the resources and freedom to identify and implement the best possible solutions, even if they are not always obvious or expedient.

Be Curious

We start many conversations with “why?” We are curious marketers that seek to continuously improve our knowledge about best practices and solutions. We are always looking to improve what we do, enhance our competitiveness, and be the best at providing product and marketing support.

Be Accountable

We hold ourselves, our company, and our colleagues accountable for our actions, performance and outcomes.


Communication and transparency are the cornerstones of everything we do. We communicate openly and consistently to keep our partners informed. We do what we say we are going to do and follow up when the job is done to ensure we have exceeded every expectation.