Our History


Since our founding in 2005, EducationDynamics has focused on combining innovative marketing solutions and powerful data analytics to help colleges and universities find and attract career-focused adult students. Over the years, we’ve both grown organically and executed strategic acquisitions to improve our services and solutions. Our driving motivation has always been improving our service to the schools that trust us with their brands and help them better serve their students. Today, we’re a highly respected and award-winning partner to over 500 colleges and universities.

  • Over 500 School Relationships
  • 30 Years of Higher Education Marketing Experience
  • Quality at Scale
  • A Team of 450+ Marketing & Enrollment Management Professionals

We seek out opportunities to improve our services to our clients. We’ll never stop looking for ways to better serve our partners, their students, and the higher education community.



Success like ours doesn’t happen by accident. Since our first acquisition of elearners.com in 2005, we’ve constantly sought out opportunities to become sharper marketers, more informed higher education professionals, and better partners to our clients. Over the years, we’ve expanded our capabilities by continuously seeking out better solutions.

2005 – Matching Students and Schools

EducationDynamics was founded in 2005 with the acquisition of our first portal. Now a recognized website that has been trusted by millions of future students, eLearners.com has helped hundreds of schools find prospective students that are likely to enroll.

2006 – Connecting Schools and Prospective Students

In 2006, EducationDynamics launched what is now a full-service, multi-platform US-based contact center. Today, our contact solutions serve as the foundation of our Enrollment Management and student engagement capabilities. From the beginning, we understood that any effective enrollment growth strategy is built upon the ability to connect with students when and how they desire.

2009 – Gaining a Better Understanding of the Modern Student

The addition of Aslanian Market Research in 2009 brought on board a nationally recognized higher education researcher and leader in Carol Aslanian, while also significantly increasing our own understanding of the motivations and needs of the modern college student. Today, Carol and our team of research experts are shaping the industry’s understanding of adult, non-traditional, and online college students.

2018 – Strengthening Our Relationships with Bundled Services

Agility and innovation are a hallmark of EducationDynamics. We recognized in 2018 that we could serve a broader section of higher education with the addition of creative partnerships featuring bundled services and a shared-revenue model. The addition of JMH Consulting in 2018 provided the EDDY family with a talented team of marketers and advisors and a winning solution for bundled enrollment management services.

2019 – Expanding Marketing Capabilities

What do you get when you add an amazing team of talented and dedicated marketers to a pre-existing team of talented and dedicated marketers? Our inclusion of the Thruline marketing agency and contact center assets in 2019 answered that question with a definitive “Turbo-charged success.” The addition resulted in the enhancement of existing areas of strength, like digital, pay-per-click search, paid social marketing, and while also growing capabilities in awareness media platforms and prospect-generating contact center services.

2020 – Enhancing Delivery of Quality Prospects at Scale

Our clients rely on EducationDynamics to consistently deliver high-quality prospective students that are likely to enroll and graduate and we’re always on the lookout for new and better ways to meet and exceed their expectations. In 2020, we brought a collection of recognized and trusted websites and inquiry portals into the EDDY family – including schools.com, onlinecolleges.com, onlinedegrees.com, classesusa.com, and others. These additions to our already expansive media stable enhance our ability to deliver the best results for our partner institutions.