Addressing the Post-Traditional Student Market


By: Eric McGee Apr 09, 2020

Addressing the Post-Traditional Student Market

Guest Appearance on The Onliners Podcast

Carol Aslanian, Sr. Vice President for Aslanian Market Research, a Division of EducationDynamics, and Karina Kogan, Vice President of Partnership Development recently joined The Onliners podcast to discuss the changing higher education student market.

Carol and Karina joined hosts Keirsten Eberts and Regina Schinker of TrineOnline to discuss the findings of Carol’s latest research, trends in today’s marketplace and how COVID-19 might impact the shift to online learning as fewer students return to a campus setting and more career-focused individuals look to compete in a suddenly-shifting economy.

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About The Onliners with TrineOnline Podcast

Keirsten and Regina, both experts in online education, realized just how important this mode of education is, particularly in today’s educational landscape. Also huge podcast enthusiasts, they turned to their favorite pastime for more information about online learning. When they weren’t unable to find any podcasts on this topic, they decided to create their own! “With the COVID-19 outbreak, many educators are now required to teach their students through e-learning, whether they’re ready or not,” said Keirsten. “We want to provide a resource on helpful tips for teaching online, but more importantly let teachers and faculty know they are not alone.” “We’re excited to use this new modality of podcasting to connect with listeners around the world who share in our passion for online learning,” said Regina. Keirsten Eberts also is trained in Quality Matters and has worked in online education for seven years, including teaching online leadership classes. She holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a Master of Science in leadership, both from Trine University. She is the assistant vice president for TrineOnline, Trine University’s online education division. Regina Schinker, Ph.D., is a Master Reviewer with Quality Matters, an organization that provides quality standards and certification for online college courses, and has taught online for more than a decade. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication from Hope College, and a Master of Arts in organizational communication and Ph.D. in educational leadership/organizational analysis, both from Western Michigan University. She is the director of instructional development for TrineOnline.