Design a Great Phone Campaign for Your Enrollment Management Strategy


By: Christopher Tashjian Jul 17, 2018

Design a Great Phone Campaign for Your Enrollment Management Strategy

Are you considering a calling campaign as part of your enrollment management strategy? Compared to high-tech social media and email marketing, phone calls seems a little old-fashioned. But the truth is there’s enormous opportunity in getting on the phone and connecting one-on-one with your prospective students. A phone campaign is the best way to speak directly with prospects. It can help them solidify their decision to submit an application or confirm enrollment. A personal conversation puts students at ease and lets them ask questions as they naturally come up, instead of leaving them to hunt for answers. A calling campaign you can execute quickly can yield impressive results. According to the 2017 Higher Education Digital Marketing Trends report by EducationDynamics and Aslanian Market Research, students make enrollment decisions fast. Almost half of undergraduate students, and 57% of graduate students, ultimately chose the first school to respond to their inquiries. And 68% of students made their decision where to attend within a 4-week search. Being able to reach out fast is important when enrollments are on the line.

This post explores the essentials of designing your calling campaign to help yield maximum results.

Know Your Audience

For your calling campaign to be successful, you must have a solid plan for who you’re going to call. You’ll want to look for patterns in your recruiting data that identifies students who will benefit from a personalized call.
An ideal target for this enrollment strategy could be someone who’s filled out an inquiry form but hasn’t submitted an application. Or students who inquired and have already received recruiting materials but haven’t applied. You should also call applicants who received acceptance letters from your institution but haven’t committed to enrollment yet.

Earlier this year, our VP of Enrollment Management, Chris Gilmore presented a webinar on “Developing a Contact Strategy for Enrollment“. You can download the recording here to watch on-demand.

Develop Your Script

You’ve segmented your audience and found a list of contacts. You’ll need to develop a script that addresses these prospects specific needs based on their location in your enrollment funnel.
A script should be a starting point, like lecture notes, that give your callers a reference. Nobody wants to sit through a recitation of an essay about enrolling in college. Make sure your callers are well trained on your script and can answer questions quickly on their feet.
Your script should help establish a connection with your prospects. Express the value of your institution, and clearly communicate why you’re calling. Answer their questions. If there is a good fit, encourage the student to submit an application, or help them decide whether to commit to enrollment.

Establish Your KPIs and Analyze Everything

So why are you calling? Increase the number of applications? Enrollments? Drive people to your website to fill out inquiry forms and get better data on your prospects? Developing key performance indicators will help you know your plan is on track.
As you proceed through your campaign, rigorously keep track of your results to help analyze whether your campaign is yielding the results you’re after. Also, make a point of using the calls as opportunities to fill in missing data on your students.
If you followed the steps in Know Your Audience, you’ll be selecting students who have a high likelihood of enrolling. You’ll want as much data on these students as possible. If they don’t enroll in this cycle, they might the next, and you’ll want to appeal to them with relevant material when it’s time to rewarm those leads.
Effective campaigns evolve, so the more data you can gather to analyze, the quicker you can make adjustments to your call lists and your script.

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Integrate Calls with Other Touches

A well-planned calling campaign shouldn’t stand alone. It should be part of a larger enrollment management strategy that leverages all your marketing channels to communicate your message to prospective students. Ideally, your CRM will track when your prospective student was last contacted, and add tags for follow up emails and perhaps another phone call if the desired action hasn’t been taken.
A truly integrated marketing campaign includes calls, emails, social media, and more. Click here to learn more about how EducationDynamics can help with your Enrollment Management and get started finding and enrolling qualified students.