Inquiry Management System – One Solution for Marketing AND Admissions Teams

Imagine a unified view of every interaction student prospects have with an institution. GlassPanel™ is a single product that simplifies student prospecting, by combining marketing and admissions in a way that's compact and self-contained. It helps collect, manage, and understand data, so each institution can achieve its enrollment goals, make smart decisions, and save time and costs.

By having all the data in one place, one can easily:

  • Monitor how current performance is pacing against pre-established goals
  • View a custom high-level dashboard, showing a current enrollment funnel to see if financials are on track compared to historic benchmarks 

Simplify the student enrollment lifecycle with an all-in-one software platform customized to meet your specific needs

Track student prospects from initial touch through the entire enrollment lifecycle

We provide all of the tools needed to drive success – campaign management, inquiry validation, real-time analytics, web portal integration, and mobile access – and work smarter. Putting all data in a single, easily accessible place is critical for succeeding in today’s technology-driven world. And, when bringing together information from Student Information Systems (SIS) and other back-end systems, institutions can help student prospects and enrolled students like never before. GlassPanel™ allows: 

  • Accurate real-time verification and validation of inquires
  • Deeper insight into and control over inquiry generation campaigns
  • Consolidation of data which may be spread across multiple systems
  • Analysis and optimization of campaigns based on performance
  • Reduction in costs and increased return on investment

Transparency of information and results

To have 360-degree visibility into all marketing and admissions activity, institutions need the right tools to gather and consolidate data from disparate systems, and easily create reports and executive dashboards. GlassPanel™ makes these cumbersome tasks easy, enabling seamless desktop, mobile and process integration with actionable data, so you can connect with your student prospects more efficiently.

GlassPanel™ Simplifies Student Enrollment

Student Inquiry Management: Spend less time finding students and more time helping them

  • Seamlessly create, manage and execute media plans—no spreadsheets needed!
  • Prospective student information is posted directly into GlassPanel™
  • Create custom rules that identify if a prospective student is an ideal candidate or not
  • GlassPanel™ will validate prospective student information against the custom validation rules and only send qualified prospects to the admissions team

Marketing Automation and Analytics: Instantly connect with prospective students through the right channels with the right information. 

GlassPanel™ learns about a prospect’s interests based on their online activity 

  • Repeats tasks like sending targeted, branded messages through email and social channels
  • Keeps prospects engaged at each step of the enrollment lifecycle

Customer Relationship Management: Engage students and foster meaningful relationships with them to increase enrollments

  • GlassPanel™ maintains a complete record of admissions interactions, from prospecting through enrollment.  Allows teams to easily manage the process of working directly with prospects throughout the recruitment process.
  • Passes all enrollment lifecycle milestone data back to the marketing team, real-time, so they can measure the results of their marketing efforts.