Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on 6/02/2021

Where can I find information on Undergraduate Degree Programs? may be able to help you find information on many different programs of study. This Find sample for course information as well as career prospects by program area. This site also offers resource information to prospective students who may have transfer questions, questions about what to do if you have a low SATs or if you are looking for an open admissions school.

Where can I find information about Graduate Degree Programs? is dedicated to helping prospective students find information for a variety of graduate programs, as well as provide information specific to students going back to school after a break. For example, are you looking for grad programs that may not require the GRE, or may accept a low undergrad GPA? Looking for an accelerated program? The Degree Guide can help answer those questions.

Where can I find information about financial aid?
If you are looking for information on various types of financial aid visit This site offers information on federal aid, private student loans, grants and more.

Where can I find information about help with scholarships?
There are several consumer sites dedicated to scholarship information. is one such site. Unigo has information on scholarships covering various areas such as scholarships by major, by ethnicity and more. Want to save time? The site also offers a scholarship matching tool. The tool shows you exactly which scholarships in their database you might be eligible for.