Does Your Admissions Team Need a Blog?


By: Christopher Tashjian Jul 12, 2018

Does Your Admissions Team Need a Blog?

Do prospective students look at an admissions blog? If your Admissions Department doesn’t have a blog yet, it might seem like a huge undertaking. While publishing regular content is an investment in resources, the payback will be well worth it. Here’s four reasons why you must consider creating a blog for your Admissions Department:

1) An Admissions Blog Gives Prospective Students an Inside Look

Many blogs featured on Admissions Department sites are authored by current students. This is a great way to offer prospective applicants a behind-the-scenes look into life at your school. Even if it is a strategically planned post. Publishing the students’ voices is also a way to showcase the diversity at your school by featuring students involved in different activities, from various backgrounds, and studying unique areas of interest. Topics covered on Admissions blogs can include:

  • Should I Apply Early?
  • A Guide to Scheduling
  • How to Tackle Application Deadlines
  • Who Are You Beyond Your GPA?
  • A Commuter’s Guide

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2) Publishing Regular Blog Posts Assist with SEO

Google and other major search engines are forever keeping their algorithms a secret. But we do know that they are looking for fresh, unique, relevant, and useful content. On average, how often are you updating your Admissions site? Probably not often, unless logistical information needs an update. But with a blog, you’d be publishing new content every week. Not only does this mean you’re serving new content. It also provides an easy way to mention your target keywords. That will help you rank better in search engines. Research shows that once you’ve published at least 51 blog posts (i.e. 51 additional pages indexed by search engines), you’ll start to see a growth in traffic to your site. This can increase visitors up to 77 percent. Each new blog post presents a new opportunity to be indexed, linked, liked, etc. This shows search engines – and site visitors – that there’s someone regularly updating the site with timely information. Although it sounds small, it means a lot, and it’s often the start of a prospective student’s relationship and feeling about a school. As much as 78 percent of consumers say that companies who provide interactive content are more interested in building positive relationships with their customers. If prospective students find the blog useful, they will start to see the school, and the student authors, as experts in their relative subjects. This means they’ll return to site for more information.

3) Prospective Students are Looking at Your Admissions Website

Aside from the website’s homepage, prospective students are getting their information about your school from the admissions section. So are their parents. More than 97 percent of students say they’re doing their own research on possible schools, and that’s before any school has sent them information. It should come as no surprise that most of their research is conducted online. All of the vital information on the site, such as how to apply, fees and financial aid, and planning a visit, provide a glimpse of what life is like for students who attend. A blog can support this kind of information and present it in a fresh, new way that will appeal to prospective (and even current) students.

4) Show Current and Prospective Students You Care

By publishing regular content written by current students, it shows prospective (and enrolled) students that the school is interested in what they have to say. By having students author the posts, prospective students will feel like they’re hearing the real story, and not something from a planned advertisement. For many students, higher education comes with self-discovery, and getting involved with their school is a way to build positive skills for the future. Nearly 70 percent of college students work, and many say that getting involved on campus heightens their college experience, builds confidence and self-esteem, all while building their post-graduation resumes.

Let’s Get Started

Convinced you need a blog for your Admissions Department? Start by getting some students involved – perhaps there are some students already working in this department – and brainstorm some ideas for blog posts. Chances are, they’ve already got some ideas on information they would have liked to see when they were searching for colleges online. Come up with a publishing schedule, and an editing process, and you’re off to a great start.

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