Clicks Marketing

EducationDynamics has a long and rich history of successful clicks advertising.

A banner, text, or combination of the two is clicked by a consumer on one of our portals, sending the consumer directly to a school website.  We offer on-site fixed placements on our high-traffic portals, targeted microsites, landing pages and, at client’s request, 3rd party websites with an affinity for or connection to higher education.

Why choose clicks marketing?

  • Unique Visitors – exclusive visitors to our sites are referred to a school site
  • Marketing Expertise – program managed internally by EducationDynamics, and ideal for partners currently buying our clicks inventory through third-party platforms
  • Transparency – 100% customizable placement of ads on specific domains, NOT portfolio run-of-network (unless otherwise specified by client)
  • Flexibility –  clicks can be sent directly to a school's own branded site or we will work to develop a custom landing page
  • Pricing – on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis

Attract unique web visitors and increase your brand’s visibility at a cost-per-click rate that’s right for your institution

What kind of ad placements do you offer?

Visitor Abandon Exit-Pops: Triggered when prospects do NOT complete a lead form, but may have provided information (geo, program of interest, etc.) for conditional targeting

School Selection & Thank You Pages: Additional advertising triggered upon completion of a lead flow. These clicks are from high intent prospective students, with an expressed interest in products and services related to their education.

“Limbo”/No Match: Triggers when users complete a lead form, but are not matched to degree program at a partner school.  Highest intent from end-user perspective.


  • Boost visibility with preferred positions for each listing
  • Provides single-click access to the most optimal page on a school site, via the “Visit Site” button on a school listing on our website

How much does clicks marketing cost?

Flexible CPCs based on placements and targeting

Can I target specific student profiles?

Current conditional targeting parameters include domain, current EDU level, educational interest, geo and military affiliation

What’s required to get started?

MSA, IO, or an Addendum to an existing agreement

Can you provide performance data?

EducationDynamics  tracks and provides front-end display KPIs (impressions, clicks, cost, etc.); client tracks back-end performance data (leads, applications, etc.)