Meet the Team: Becky McCafferty, Vice President of Client Relations, Enrollment Management Services


By: Christopher Tashjian Nov 07, 2018

Meet the Team: Becky McCafferty, Vice President of Client Relations, Enrollment Management Services

As part of an ongoing series, we are providing an inside look at the the EducationDynamics team.  These quick Q & A’s with the people that make sure our client campaigns are successful will shed some light on how we make it all happen. This week I interviewed Becky McCafferty, she oversees client services and account management teams for our Enrollment Management Services group in Newtown Square, PA and Hoboken, NJ. Becky is an EdDy and higher ed veteran, but is one of the newest leaders of our Enrollment Management Services team!

Becky McCafferty, Vice President of Client Relations, Enrollment Management Services

How Long Have You Been in the Enrollment Management Services group at EducationDynamics? 4 Months on the EMS team, but I’ve been at EducationDynamics for more than 5 years now! Previous role: Vice President, Revenue Management-Prospecting Services Division

What do you do here?  I run the Client Relations/Account Management team for the EMS division, as well as directly manage the relationships for select accounts.

You came from the publisher side of EDU, how does that relate to your role helping clients now? I have spent the last 5 years working in overseeing the full and International business units. I live in the data, and am excited to partner not only with my team, but also our clients to know what questions to ask, and more importantly how to find the answers within the data.

How do you help our clients?  I work directly with the clients and my team to understand the objectives, metrics, and barriers allowing us to execute the plan to deliver results to meet our clients end goals. Throughout the process it requires a strong partnership from both my team and the clients team to ensure we are tackling road blocks, evaluating performance, optimizing our plans and maximize the return the clients are receiving.

How did you get into higher ed? I have been working in higher ed marketing since 2006. I started working with a private publisher running the education division for our healthcare print magazines and websites.

Why the Enrollment Management Services (EMS) team? The Enrollment Management Services division offers me the ability to work as a true partner with our clients to help them build on momentum they have already built and compliment their plans with our services to help them build a stronger future for their organization.

Why higher education?  Education overall is super important to me, as someone who thoroughly enjoys coaching, teaching, and mentoring in my career I find that working in the higher education space to be a great compliment to that passion and allows me to work with amazing institutions who focus on education and people development

What is a challenge that schools are having today?  Many schools continue to have challenges understanding their market… where their students are coming from, who they compete with for students, and how to compete in today’s market. Connecting the marketing spend through to the yield of enrolled students is still a hurdle many institutions face as a result of disconnected systems, and limited visibility into this data.

What do you love about Newtown Square, PA? Newtown Square is a developing area of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Over the 5+ years I have been with EducationDynamics the campus we are on, Ellis Preserve Campus, has continued to combined the beauty of historical architecture, nature, and brand new development, making the campus an exciting place to work.

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