Meet the Team: Brian Klovert, Account Manager


By: Christopher Tashjian Aug 13, 2018

Meet the Team: Brian Klovert, Account Manager

Part two of our ongoing “Meet the Team” series, I interviewed Brian Klovert, he is an Account Manager on our Enrollment Management Services team in Hoboken, NJ. These quick Q & A’s with the people that make sure our client campaigns are successful will shed some light on how we make it all happen.

Brian Klovert, Account Manager, Enrollment Management Services Division

How Long Have You Been in the Enrollment Management Services group at EducationDynamics? 4 Months

Previous role: I actually worked for the previous year as an Account Coordinator within EducationDynamics for the Prospect Delivery team.

What do you do here?  Manage the day to day responsibilities for our most valued clients as well as provide support to my manager’s accounts. Working closely with EMS clients to make sure we’re meeting their expectations involves tracking and communicating updates and performance to their marketing and enrollment campaigns. We can then recommend opportunities for improvement to drive more growth or efficient student enrollments.

You came from the client side, what is something you’ve learned now that you are in an agency?  Working in an agency you realize that every day you need to dedicate yourself to make the services and customer experience the best it can possibly be to help clients achieve success and receive renewals.

How do you help our clients?  The #1 thing I can do for our clients is ensure we have the best of the best on their account. Our clients hire us to be an extension of their own teams so I take hiring, training, and culture very seriously. In many cases, we have access to data, performance systems, and technology that our clients may lack internally at their own institution. A big part of my role is ensuring they’re getting the benefit of these features through their work with our teams.

Why the Enrollment Management Services (EMS) team? EMS is great because of the hard working and thought-provoking employees who work here. It is truly a healthy mix of marketing, client services, and technology experts who are all working toward a common goal.

What is the most memorable campaign you’ve worked on here? I’m new to the EMS world (this is my 4th week), so I don’t have too many memorable or successful campaigns yet. We are working on setting up a new institution within in our Contact Center for Lead Qualification and this setup has been very smooth, we’re hoping to get them up and running within the next week.

Why higher education?  It is rewarding knowing that we do our best to get adults back into school to try and better their lives.

How did you get into higher ed? I’ve always had an interest in the Marketing field. I didn’t have the experience to go into the Marketing field as I come from an Economics background, so I decided to join Client Services where I could interact with all departments.

What is a challenge that schools are having today? From only being on the team for a few weeks now, I notice a challenge is getting schools quality leads. Fortunately, the EMS team is more than capable of optimizing all campaigns and driving the highest intent traffic.

What do you love about Hoboken?  I love the history of Hoboken. My family has always been huge Frank Sinatra fans, so it is very cool to work in the place where the town is literally, The Voice of Frank Sinatra. The scenery is also incredible, it’s great to walk outside on a lunch break and see the beautiful New York City skyline. I wouldn’t want to work any place in the northeast other than Hoboken.