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Regional Market Analysis: Our regional market research studies use primary research techniques to make clear how you can increase enrollment by identifying effective outreach and marketing channels and the programs, schedules, formats and services adult/post-traditional students demand. We survey actual enrolled and prospective students in order to provide the most actionable information possible.
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Online Student Market Analysis: We electronically survey prospective and recent online students in a region to help you better understand your current demand for undergraduate and/or graduate online study.
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Inquirers, Applicants and "Stop-Out/Drop Out" Studies: Why do people inquire and/or apply but not enroll? Why do some leave prior to completing their studies?  These studies help increase “yield” and retention, by better understanding what attracted people to an institution, why they did not enroll, or why they decided to "stop-out/drop-out." 

Institutional Audits: Is your institution adequately equipped to thrive in the highly competitive adult/post-traditional or online student market? Our Institutional Audits review of your programs and operations to asses their "fit" for serving today's post-traditional and adult students.

Program Feasibility Studies: Do you need hard data to determine if a proposed program (on-ground or online) should be launched? Our Program Feasibility Studies provide you with hard data on how the program is likely to be received (or not) in the market.
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Employer Studies: What do employers in your region need most from you? These studies identify the education and training needs of area employers, what they know about an institution, their interest in partnering with the institution, the status of their tuition benefits, and more.