Case Study-University of Nebraska

In early 2012, the University of Nebraska engaged Aslanian Market Research to collect and analyze data on the prospective online student market from three perspectives:

  • Regional and national demand and supply data for existing online programs nationwide at different degree levels and across subject areas based on the EducationDynamics database;
  • Needs, preferences, and demographic characteristics of prospective students considering five different online graduate degree or certificate programs nominated by the University; and
  • Perceptions and decision-making factors among prospective students who inquired about or applied to a University of Nebraska online course or program—both undergraduate and graduate--but did not enroll.

The primary goal of this research was to help the University determine a messaging and branding strategy for its online programs moving forward. The University also wanted to explore potential interest in three new online Master’s degree programs it was considering launching, as well as one existing Master’s program and one existing graduate certificate program.

Laura Wiese, Marketing Director
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