Unigo, a division of EducationDynamics is the trusted source for traditional high school and college students looking to finance their education.

Since 2008, Unigo has awarded nearly $500K in scholarships to students pursuing their higher education. Unigo.com is the leading resource for traditional high school or college bound students with over 2.1 million registered users (students and parents); more than 1 million monthly visitors; and 650,000 reviews for 7,000 colleges.

The Unigo brand covers two websites:


Reach Your Target Audience Whether They Are High School Students, College Students, or their Parents!

Take advantage of any or all of the following opportunities that are fully adjustable to your needs:

Hosted Scholarships are themed scholarships. You choose the award amount, content and entry questions; we handle all of the promotion. It is a turnkey system and you own all of the data!

Student Loan Marketplace allow you to target users across our site on a variety of characteristics. We drive an average of $3M+ per month in requested loan dollars.

CPC and Display Marketing Campaigns are available to promote your brand across the Unigo properties. There are placements available at all stages of the funnel depending on what you are advertising.

Email and Content Marketing for advertisers is a great way to take advantage of our in-house creative resources to reach a targeted email audience or provide lasting SEO traffic.