Unigo Live

Unigo Live

Unigo Live (formerly known as PrepTalk) is a web-based communication channel that allows colleges to schedule, promote, and stream live online events and pre-recorded content to students, parents, and alumni. Designed as an information source, as well as a branding and recruiting tool, Unigo Live alleviates many of the logistical contraints associated with colleges traveling domestically and internationally for recruiting and advancement.

Communicate and Share

Unigo Live provides colleges with the ability to broadcast information about their offerings to diversified audiences. Users can ask questions and interact directly with colleges in a live setting. With the ability to translate conversations into 52 languages, colleges are able to seamlessly communicate with international students, as well as domestic students who aren't fluent in English, or are more comfortable communicating in another language.

Some Features Include:

Unlimited Users and Events: There is no limit to the number of users and events that you can stream live, so you can add your entire admissions staff and share Unigo Live across multiple departments.

One-to-Many Events: Our platform is completely scalable and allows you to have up to 1,000 attendees per event. If you're looking to increase your reach, Unigo Live is the perfect tool for streaming to large audiences.

Multiple Presenters: Unigo Live supports up to six presenters per event. This offers the ability for one presenter to stream live video and audio, while others respond to chat messages, display videos and presentations, and conduct surveys.

One-to-One Events: Unigo Live's one-to-one features enable you to see and hear your attendees during your events. This  technology is great for interviews, counseling sessions, and building personal connections with your prospects.

Desktop Sharing: With our desktop sharing feature, you can share your screen with your audience and transfer sharing rights to attendees. Show your audience how to fill out forms, navigate your website, and see what they're working on during events.

Polls and Survey: With polls and surveys, you can ask your attendees to provide additional information, gather feedback about their experience, and test their knowledge to see if they're a good fit for your institution.


Unigo Live was built with analytics in mind

  • View industry-specific data and analytics on all of your event attendees to better understand and engage your prospects as they move through the enrollment funnel. 
  • View event data instantly, including how long the meeting lasted and how many attendees participated. 
  • View detailed statistics for each attendee. See where they came from, how long they stayed, and their survey results. 

PrepTalk Reporting



All clients have a dedicated account manager who can provide you with a range of personalized services.

  • Customize and launch the platform to meet your specific strategic goals.
  • Learn best practices for hosting live events.
  • Support the platform launch with your technology team.
  • Optimize usage and results with monthly calls.