Scholarship Management

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There’s a place where 3.8 million highly engaged high school and college students, their parents, and guidance counselors go to search for and research the schools and scholarships that will help them make their college dreams a reality. And you can reach all of them. Instantly. It’s called Unigo, and it’s here to connect you to the literal millions of prospective students demanding the products and services you have to offer. Meet them today on

  • 3.8 Million Registered Users
  • 3.6 Million Scholarships Worth $24 Billion in Award Money
  • 2.1 Million Person Active Mailing List
  • Nearly 1 Million Visitors Monthly

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We’re masters at creating meaningful relationships with our highly targeted and engaged audience. Our nationally recognized resources are trusted and relied upon by students across the country. We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution for your business needs.

Scholarship Database

Unigo’s Scholarship Administration Database connects students with scholarship options. List your scholarship, find the right applicants and recipients, and start conversations.

Loan Marketplace

Loan Marketplace links students and their families with the private loan options they need, from brands they trust.

Scholarship Administration and Management

Need help managing your scholarship? Nobody knows scholarship management like we do! Let us handle the administration, winner selection, notification, verification, and award distribution. Our comprehensive administration solution allows you to focus on building strong relationships with applicants.

Display Marketing

Promote your brand across the Unigo properties, such as and Get your brand in front of customers by advertising on our digital properties and emails.

Access to Inboxes

Unleash the power of email with our mailing list of more than 2.1 million students. Our expertly curated emails don’t just deliver, they engage with open rates over 40% (Yes, really). Your product and services, our engaging content – a perfect combination.

Trusted by Students and Affiliates

Providing Valuable Resources to Students is trusted by millions of registered users, scholarship sponsors and advertisers because we reliably and consistently deliver on our promise because creating pathways to success through education is what we do.

Services to Support You

Interested in starting a scholarship for your company or organization and unsure where to start? We’ve got you! Eager to engage current and emerging college students? Covered! We help organizations connect with students. It’s what we do.