Aligning Marketing &
Success Coaching

Finding Success for Less Traditional Online Programs

In 2019, a nationally recognized university was looking to grow two recently launched online programs that would expand its reach and offer the marketplace new advanced degree options. After seeking out solutions and exploring alternatives, the school partnered with EducationDynamics to help manage enrollment management services for its online master’s programs. EDDY’s marketing and enrollment management teams collaborated to create a comprehensive solution that generates high-quality, high-intent inquiries and initiates an outreach strategy that assists prospective students through the consideration and application processes.

Young Lawyer Studying

In the first year of our partnership, the program exceeded enrollment expectations by 40%, allowing the school to invest more heavily in marketing and enrollment growth plans.

A Challenge Educating the Marketplace

Although the university is nationally recognized, law school faced challenges building awareness in a competitive in-state law school environment. The school decided to diversify its offerings and increase overall awareness of its high-quality, flexible online master’s programs. There were three primary objectives at the outset:

  1. An initial focus on increasing awareness in the online programs.
  2. Identify and engage high-intent prospects that meet the rigorous admissions standards.
  3. Provide prospective students with a high-touch personalized communication strategy that engaged prospective students with the right message and support, when and where they needed it.

Pairing Marketing and Success Coaching

EDDY’S initial marketing strategy focused on increasing awareness and building engagement for the graduate programs via targeted paid social media marketing efforts. A smaller budget allocation was directed to paid search campaigns on Google, to ensure the capture of high-intent prospects. As EDDY’s program awareness efforts began to pay off (in the form of month-over-month organic lead volume growth), digital marketing gradually shifted spend toward a more balanced approach ahead of the University’s Fall 2020 start. Paid search efforts also expanded to include the Microsoft Advertising platform.

The Enrollment Management team quickly went to work building a team of experienced success coaches that nurture and engage graduate-level prospects. The team worked hand-in-hand with the law school team to become experts on the academic programs, with a focus on understanding and communicating the culture, benefits and challenges that are unique to the programs.

The EDDY Difference

Growing Enrollments. Improving Cost Per Start.

The online master’s programs presented a unique challenge and required creative solutions. The non-traditional online modality and the specialized areas of study required educating the marketplace about both the availability and value of the program. EDDY’s experts built a multi-leveled approach with planned phases that evolve as the marketplace and student demand evolves.

Each new start term provides historical, full-funnel insight into the university’s enrollment trends using data from quantitative marketing metrics to qualitative prospect feedback. The strategic changes that were implemented as a result of this ongoing analysis help improve holistic enrollment performance and continue to push the programs to greater heights.

“It is so rewarding to work with creative programs that are leading the way in higher education. The school clearly knew they had a potential game-changing program on their hands – if only they could find a way to connect with the right students, delivering the right message. Our team embraced the challenge of communicating the value of online and certificate programs in a field that is historically considered more traditional. We’re thrilled to see the programs grow and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Becky McCafferty
Vice President, Account Management