Increasing Awareness
Growing Enrollments

Private, Multi-Campus & Online University

EducationDynamics was tasked with increasing brand awareness of a private university with multiple campuses and a significant online presence. The goal: Increase online enrollments. We targeted highly engaged affinity, remarketing, and in-market audiences to reach individuals interested in higher education, with a focus on working parents.

Our comprehensive solutions resulted in a 51% improvement in Cost Per Conversion. The end result? A 41% increase in online enrollments for our partner institution.

Strategies for Success

EducationDynamics recommended revising existing video assets to speak more directly to parents with a personal message. The new videos were focused on making parents feel that earning their degree and advancing their career was possible through our partner’s online programs. We shot, edited, and promoted the new video assets. Our creative team developed inspirational videos that outperformed the old testimonial-driven videos. The new videos followed the inner monologue of a father, offering insight into his goals of better providing for his daughter by earning a degree and improving his career.

EducationDynamics re-allocated budget from less efficient marketing campaigns and expanded our promotion of video-based ads on multiple platforms. We efficiently eliminated underperforming campaigns, ad groups and keywords and put those resources to work on behalf of our client.

Results That Make a Difference

Our combined creative and strategic solutions made a significant impact on enrollments for our partner institution. As a result of our campaigns and optimization efforts, we improved cost-per-conversion by 51%. By improving campaign efficiency and resource allocation, we were able to help our client target the right audience with a winning message. The school enjoyed a 41% increase in enrollments in the programs featured in our campaigns.