Supporting a University Rebrand

Regionally Accredited University in the Northeast

For this regionally accredited for-profit university located in New England, EducationDynamics was tasked with driving student population growth while assisting the university with a major rebranding effort. The goal was to attract and engage working adults in the New England region who were interested in going back to school.

Primary Objectives
  • Determine target states and DMAs based on start performance by campaign
  • Identify preferred search queries based on start performance by keyword
  • Optimize budgets and allocation among campaigns based on CPS
  • Manage bidding strategies
  • Implement data-driven attribution

Our comprehensive solutions resulted in a 50% increase in applications, while improving the cost per start by 10%.

Strategies for Success

We took a deep dive into performance across all channels to highlight areas where we could maximize results and drive increased start performance. One of the biggest improvement areas was identified as our Google Ads paid search campaigns; with the budget allocated here, we knew we could affect the largest wins by shifting our focus.

We analyzed conversion data at a campaign, keyword, search query and even a state/DMA level to determine where we were receiving start volume at our goal cost per start and adjusted our campaign and targeting settings to reflect this data. Once these adjustments were in place, we implemented automated bidding strategies to help drive increased results within the new targets.

Results That Make a Difference

With the guidance of the EducationDynamics marketing team, our partner successfully rolled out its new branding initiative and achieved amazing results. Our strategies and optimization efforts resulted in application increases of 50% while improving the cost per start by 10%.