Supporting Scalable Growth Goals
With Marketing & Enrollment Management

A Small Environmentally-Focused Liberal Arts College

A small environmentally-focused liberal arts college had a vision to transform into a thriving college with distance education programs that complimented their existing portfolio of sustainability-centered programs. Leadership at the college recognized that they needed a scalable and sustainable growth plan and a strategic marketing and enrollment management partner that had the vision and capabilities to match the school’s goals.

The Challenge

As online education grew in popularity, the college knew that it had to adapt to successfully compete in the evolving higher education landscape. To do this, the school wanted to rapidly scale their online enrollments. The college knew they had an opportunity to provide in-demand online programs. They needed a marketing and enrollment management partner with the technology, expertise, and understanding of online students to help them find and engage prospective students. In 2019, the school began a search for a partner that shared their vision and embraced the opportunity to scale the school’s marketing and admissions operations. 

The Objectives

  • Generate Demand for the school’s unique and attractive portfolio of programs.
  • Convert interest into action by moving high intent inquiries through to consideration process and into enrollment.
  • Provide strategic guidance and technology-enabled scalability for both marketing and enrollment management in a single partnership.
  • Deliver on the vision of exponential growth in online and distance education programs.

The Solution

The college brought EducationDynamics in for its expertise in marketing and enrollment management for online programs and the adult learner. EDDY’s unmatched expertise and ability to deliver quality at scale was paramount to helping the school deliver on its vision to be the leading distance education provider of sustainability-focused programs.

To scale its online programs, EDDY’s team of higher education marketing experts were brought in to launch digital marketing campaigns to generate high-intent inquiries at scale.

EDDY’s US-based team of enrollment experts applied their deep knowledge of online and adult students to engage prospective students. Best-in-class technology accelerated the process of identifying, qualifying, and connecting with prospects, allowing the team to rapidly respond to inquiries and engage prospects on their preferred platforms.    

The Results

  • As a result of working with EDDY, the college is growing enrollments and focusing their staff on serving and retaining students
  • 87% increase in inquiry growth from 2020 to 2021
  • 257% increase in inquiry growth from Jan-April 2022 over Jan-April 2021
  • 264% increase in generated and qualified ‘engaged’ inquiries for Q1 2022 over Q1 2021
  • 165% increase in undergraduate enrollments in Q1 2022 over Q1 2021
  • 249% increase in total undergraduate enrollments in 2021 over 2020

The EDDY Difference

While other higher education agencies questioned the school’s growth vision, EducationDynamics leveraged its unmatched ability to deliver quality at scale. EDDY’s understanding of online and non-traditional higher education marketing and student engagement made it the perfect partner for the liberal arts college.

EDDY evaluated the school’s unique needs and determined how to best help the school grow enrollments with digital marketing and enrollment management. EDDY’s full suite of enrollment growth solutions – powered by best-in-class technology and driven by a team of driven and dedicated experts – generated high-intent inquiries at scale and on budget.

A thriving partnership that is growing the college brand, helping the school expand sustainability-focused distance education, and serving the next generation of graduates. Fusing research, technology and strategy to make a difference in the metrics that matter.

As we were building our access to environmental science programs, I knew that in order for it to realize its full potential, we were going to need to work with a full-service firm that understood not just how to reach our new students but also our college, and our mission to make our education affordable, flexible and accessible.  We found that partner in EducationDynamics and they were able to help us create a long-term strategy for scalability and growth.