Business, Healthcare and Computer Science Fields Identified as Higher Ed Growth Opportunities

By: Nancy Kim Jun 22, 2023

Business, Healthcare and Computer Science Fields Identified as Higher Ed Growth Opportunities

Colleges and Universities are most likely to see enrollment growth in Business Administration, Healthcare, and Computer Science and Information System programs according to the 2023 eLearning Index; a new report based on analysis by the higher education market researchers at EducationDynamics.

The report was developed to serve as a resource for institutions aiming to reverse declining enrollments. EducationDynamics analyzed more than 3,000 degree and certificate programs and identified the most successful programs across various levels of study based on high completion rates and job growth. This valuable information enables colleges and universities to refine their programmatic, marketing and enrollment strategies while focusing on career-focused online programs.

The report also uncovered:

  • Anticipated job growth across careers related to Healthcare and STEM fields from 2021 – 2031.
  • Demand for employees with STEM-related degrees resulting in higher than average median wages.
  • Enrollment growth opportunities through certificates and microcredentials at both pre-and post-graduate levels.

“We seek to not only highlight current trends in online education but also provide a roadmap for institutions seeking to enhance their offerings and increase enrollment growth,” shared Bruce Douglas, CEO of EducationDynamics, “We believe this is a great jumping off point for schools developing strategic plans for program growth and investment of online programs.”

In addition to the 2023 eLearning Index Report, EducationDynamics has designed an accompanying eLearning Index Web App, which higher education leaders can employ to gain further insights into trends, segment data, and filter findings based on multiple fields and attributes.

Download the eLearning Index Report to fully understand the national trends across degree levels.

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