Enrollment & Student Coaching

Helping Prospective and Current Students Achieve Their Goals

At EducationDynamics, we are on a mission to make a real impact through education. Our success comes from a team of dedicated professionals committed to building meaningful relationships. Our Enrollment and Student Coaching team works in an agile and fast-paced environment doing impactful work. As a member of our industry-leading enrollment and student success coaching team, you will help students embark on an educational journey capable of transforming their lives. And, we do so as a distributed team, working remotely from across the country.

You’ll work directly with prospective and current students by serving as a powerful resource while they navigate the challenges of returning to college. Using your expertise, communication skills, and passion for helping others, you will guide them toward achieving major life goals and pursuing next-level careers. Yes, you’ll serve as a brand ambassador for leading colleges and universities across the country, but you’ll be much more than that as a success coach at EducationDynamics. You’ll be an advocate, a resource, a cheerleader, and more. You will be changing lives. And you’ll be doing so every single day.

Dedicated to Serving

EDDY’s dedication to service permeates every aspect of this consultative career in prominent and significant ways—from how you’ll coach students toward enrollment success to the esteem you’ll be shown every day on the job. At EDDY, you will:

  • Work in a diverse environment that values curiosity and open-ended questions
  • Access world-class resources and tools that will empower you to reach your personal and professional goals
  • Collaborate on an innovative team that deals in big ideas and seeks constant improvement
  • Develop your communication skills and elevate your personal and professional growth to new heights
  • Make connections and relationships that will change the trajectory of people’s lives every single day

A Day in the Life

The work we do evolves almost daily. The higher education landscape is constantly shifting, along with changes in the methods use and the technology we employ. In this consultative career, you will work with aspiring students every day by learning about their ambitions and helping them plot their right course for academic success. We are highly team-driven and rely heavily on effective communication with one another and with current and prospective students. One thing that does not change from day to day is our mission to help students reach their goals.

One More Thing…

At EDDY, we value you. We want to hear your out-of-the-box ideas and are passionate about encouraging you to follow your visions. We really like innovation around here and we value the input of our talented team members. Our team of higher education experts is a collection of individuals with diverse backgrounds and unique life experiences – and we’re a stronger team for it. So, bring on your passion, your big ideas, and your unique skills and join us on our mission to change lives.

We Are Committed To:

  • Advancing careers through clearly defined pathways and opportunities
  • Supporting team members with ultimate flexibility
  • Celebrating success and team member’s contributions, big and small
  • Nurturing the genuine connections formed within our team
  • Embracing diversity and representation in everything we do
  • Prioritizing open and clear communication
  • Creating a transparent and performance-driven environment

Make EDDY’s Mission Yours

Joining a team of enrollment coaches dedicated to a mission of changing the world one student at a time is pretty awesome. But we do offer more tangible perks that are pretty awesome as well.
Come to EDDY for a …

Flexible work environment – we’re a remote team of experts from across the country

Collaborative team of innovative and solutions-focused professionals

Fulfilling role that facilitates meaningful changes in countless lives

Employee-centered management team—putting your needs and goals first!

Working for EDDY has been a wonderful experience, and I feel privileged to be a part of the team.

“Best Places to Work” survey response

This a strong and passionate organization, full of people who care greatly about their jobs and the work we are doing.

“Best Places to Work” survey response

It is a well-built organization of people who are good at what they do, and in most usual scenarios make a point to thank one another and work together and to keep the quality at its highest.

“Best Places to Work” survey response