Creative Services

A Full Spectrum of Agency Services for all Your Creative Needs

Why does Eddy offer a full suite of creative services — copy, design, audio/video, and more? Because your message matters. Whether you are communicating with prospective students, their parents, the public, or your professors, your message needs to come through loud and clear, no matter what medium you use. So, we offer expertise in communication for every channel. Catchy billboards? Check. Email nurturing campaigns? Can do. A full-and-complete workup of your brand, your website, your OTT ads, your social media, your letterhead, your messaging? Relax, EDDY’s got this.

  • An In-House Creative Team Working Alongside Our Marketing Team
  • Copy Wordsmiths Ready to Dazzle Prospects with Proliferous Prose
  • Visual, Video and Technical Web Designers at Your Service
  • Design Experts Focused Exclusively on Higher Education Creative That Moves

Creatively and in Our Process, We are Solutions-Focused

As with everything EDDY, data is our defining characteristic in creative. We get to know you and your needs, exploring your current brand — from style guides to subject matter expert interviews — to deliver creative that is on point. Our creatives are experts in their fields, collectively offering decades of valuable design, writing, and audio/visual development experience to ensure all your communications coalesce into a unified family of messages for every audience you target.

Design that defines

Everything our writers do with copy, our designers do with art — and then some. From email templates to digital brochures to social media ads, they are focused on ensuring visual brand cohesion at every touchpoint.

Audio/Visual awesomeness

Bring your messaging to a brand-defining plateau that stirs emotion and reflects the essence of your school, programs, and people with the perfect TV, Radio, or OTT spot. Seriously, chills.

Copy cohesion

When it comes to copy, our writers have been there, done that. We have helped craft exceptional and complementary content across multiple media, including websites, ad copy, email campaigns, radio, TV and OTT spots, blogs, organic social media, whitepapers, SMS and more.

Creative Development in Tune with Your Brand!

No cookie-cutter creative allowed

We are a data-driven organization, not a “fill-in-the blank” organization — especially with your creative. Data lets us better understand your brand for creative that helps you rise above Higher Ed’s “Sea of Sameness” into uncharted waters of success.

Partners in creative development

Not every communication issue can be solved with an email. Or a TV spot. Or a new web page. Not sure what you need to launch that next program? Let’s talk. We’re all about the collaborate, communicate, and creative-ate!