Inquiry Qualification

Connect with Students, Faster

Today’s students demand a flexible and convenient communication experience making it crucial to implementing a responsive engagement strategy. We offer a tech-enabled, multi-channel strategy (SMS, phone, email) to ensure every prospective student is addressed quickly and efficiently through the most appropriate channel. This increases your contact rate and ensures prospective students connect with the right people on your enrollment team, maximizing the students’ time spent exploring your institution.

The Importance of Qualifying Prospects

Qualifying prospects is a critical step in any successful enrollment process. It involves assessing the needs and interests of each prospective student to determine their fit for your institution. By effectively qualifying inquiries, you can identify the most promising leads and focus your resources on nurturing them towards enrollment. This not only saves time and resources but also increases the likelihood of enrollment success.

How We Qualify Inquiries

Our dedicated team of enrollment experts follows a meticulous inquiry qualification process to ensure we deliver only the most promising prospects to your enrollment team. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Deep dive into your student journey: We thoroughly analyzing your student journey, understanding your ideal student profile and pinpointing key touchpoints throughout the recruitment process.
  2. Personalized qualification strategy: Based on these insights, we develop a unique and tailored qualification strategy specific to your institution’s needs and goals.
  3. Expert inquiry qualification: Our highly trained internal team utilizes this strategy to effectively assess the validity and suitability of each prospective student.
  4. Streamlined initial contact: We connect with prospective students through their preferred channels, gathering essential information like academic interests and goals. This ensures a positive and personalized first impression.
  5. Comprehensive assessment: Our team conducts a multifaceted assessment to evaluate each student’s fit for your institution. This includes considering academic qualifications, financial aid needs, and alignment with your institution’s values and cultural environment.
  6. Seamless handoff: Once an inquiry is thoroughly qualified and deemed a strong fit, we seamlessly hand them off to your enrollment team for further nurturing and conversion. This ensures your team focuses their valuable time and resources on the most promising prospects.

Benefits of an Effective Qualification Process

Saves Time and Resources

By properly qualifying prospects, your institution can focus its efforts on the most promising prospects, saving time and resources for both your enrollment team and prospective students.

Increases Conversion Rate

A thorough qualification process helps to identify and target the most qualified students, increasing the likelihood of conversion and enrollment success.

Improves Student Experience

By quickly connecting with students through their preferred channel and understanding their needs and interests, your institution can provide a personalized and efficient enrollment experience for prospective students.