Secret Shopping for Higher Education

See Your Institution Through the Eyes of Prospective Students

Prospective students are shrinking their consideration set. In our 2024 Online College Students Report, about 67 percent of students only inquired with one or two institutions while 45 percent applied to only one school. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, their first impression of your institution can make or break their decision. Gaining an objective view of the student experience can be challenging from within the walls of your institution, however understanding how your institution is perceived sets the foundation for attracting and engaging prospective students.

Secret shopping is a powerful tool that can offer invaluable insights into the student journey, from initial inquiry to enrollment. Our experts step outside your perspective and sees your institution through the eyes of prospective students while meticulously documenting their experiences throughout their journey.

Don’t let assumptions hinder your enrollment efforts. Gain invaluable insights into the student experience, uncover hidden truths, identify areas for improvement and ultimately, attract and enroll more students by seeing your institution through the eyes of those who matter most.

Navigate the Entire Student Journey

Our comprehensive secret shopping analysis goes beyond a single snapshot. We become prospective students, immersing ourselves in the entire enrollment process. This in-depth approach uncovers valuable insights to improve your institution’s:

  • Marketing & Enrollment Management Strategy:
    Identify gaps in your outreach strategy and optimize communication to attract and convert more qualified students.

  • Student Advising & Operations:
    Ensure a smooth transition for new students by pinpointing areas for improvement in advising, financial services and operational processes.

  • Student Experience:
    Gain a first-hand understanding of the student journey to identify opportunities to enhance satisfaction, boost retention and create a stellar learning environment.

Our Approach to Becoming Your Students

At EducationDynamics, we understand that enrollment growth is not just about increasing numbers. It’s about attracting the right students who are passionate and committed to your institution’s values and goals. We work closely with your team to understand your institution’s unique needs and goals, aligning our coaching strategies accordingly.

We collaborate with you to craft a shopping plan that targets your ideal student.

This plan will target the programs and student demographics you want to attract, while keeping an eye on your competitors’ offerings.

Then, we walk a mile in their shoes.

We embark on a simulated student journey, starting with initial inquiries and continuing all the way to application initiation. This lets us experience your institution from a prospective student’s perspective.

During this immersive journey, we uncover valuable insights.

We analyze your existing communication approach, assess interactions with student-facing teams, and evaluate the effectiveness of your nurturing strategies.

We compile these insights into a comprehensive report.

This report details your strengths compared to competitors, identifies areas for improvement and outlines actionable next steps to optimize your student recruitment strategy.

Attract More Students

Our comprehensive secret shopping service equips you with the insights needed to create a memorable student experience from inquiry to enrollment and beyond.  Contact us today for a customized analysis and see your institution through the eyes of a prospective student. Together, we can transform your student journey and achieve your enrollment goals.