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We do more than keep our finger on the pulse of higher education marketing. Much more. We also share. From the insights of internal experts in regularly published blogs to ebooks, white papers, and webinars, these higher education resources are just the tip of the expertise iceberg we share with our strategic partners.


The perfect blend of theory and application, our ebooks provide insights based on our latest research and industry-leading strategies. You’ll find the latest trends and best practices that you can inject into your marketing and enrollment management efforts.

In our decades of higher ed marketing and helping schools grow enrollments, we’ve learned a few thousand things. We keep learning. We test what we learn. Repeatedly. And we talk about what we learn via webcasts. Regularly.

If you’re into data, this will drive you—whitepapers filled with real-world facts and expert insights. We’re talking the kind of game-changing info that resurrects lagging marketing campaigns and invigorates inquiry generation.