Inquiry Nurturing

Build Strong Relationships and Move Prospects to Apply

You’ve worked hard to identify and attract the right prospects for your programs. Help them take the next step toward application with a robust Nurturing plan backed by the power of EDDY. Our comprehensive Nurturing solutions include multi-channel engagement using best-in-class marketing automation technology. Improve your application rates and enroll more students by maximizing engagement with your prospective students.

  • Engage Prospective Students via Email, Ringless Voicemail, Text and Social Media
  • Track Prospective Student Engagement Across Platforms with First-Party Data
  • Deliver Compelling Messages Based on Interests, Behavior and Actions
  • Apply Personalization Using Best-in-Class Marketing Automation Technology

Proactive, Intelligent Nurturing

Improve your enrollments by engaging your acquired prospective students with impactful and responsive communication. We’ll help guide your future students through the consideration stage and compel action with tested and optimized messages that spur action. Our expert team is ready to help you engage prospective students and improve your enrollments.

Multi-Channel Engagement

Our nurturing campaigns consist of multi-channel communication flows that provide relevant and timely messages, which help advance your prospects throughout all the stages of the student journey.

Messages with Meaning

Grow your relationships with prospective students by providing tailored and personalized communication. We’ll create intelligent segments within your database of prospects based on demographics and behavior. Deliver meaningful messages that speak to the challenges, concerns, and opportunities for each individual prospect.

Compel Action

We actively monitor and manage campaign performance to deliver a message that hits the right notes and moves prospects through consideration and into action. Our solutions are based on continuous testing using multi-touch attribution modeling. The result – we understand which students are most likely to convert and what messages will help them take the next step.

Improve Inbound Marketing

Nurturing programs backed by data do more than improve conversions with existing prospects – they provide powerful data back to your inbound marketing team to help you generate more of the right prospects, and do so more efficiently. Improve your audience targeting and messaging with confidence based on proven enrollment results.

EDDY is part of your team

First-Party Data Wizards

Now, more than ever, engagement is about trust. We generate engagement and build relationships based on trust. And we build that trust on data. Let our nurturing experts build highly personalized engagement campaigns that will deliver the right message – in the right format – to your prospective students.

Delivering Personalized Experiences

We execute your marketing and we believe in providing you with visibility into everything we do on your behalf. From our engaging and collaborative launch process to 24/7 access to data via online portals, we communicate and collaborate as your partner in success. Absolute transparency and honest communication – vital cornerstones to trusting and successful partnerships.