Staff Development & Training

Optimize Your Team and See Measurable Impact

Empower your enrollment team, equipping them with the skills, strategies, and mindset needed to excel in today’s competitive higher education landscape. Your team will benefit from personalized guidance and support tailored to their unique needs.

  • Enhance the Effectiveness and Efficiency of your Team’s Recruitment Efforts
  • Leverage the Latest Techniques to Attracting a Diverse and Qualified Student Body
  • Develop Strong Relationship-Building Skills that Fosters Connection with Prospective Students

8 Week Programs for Your Staff

Programs guided by a U School Coach that lasts for 8 Weeks. Each program is designed to develop the skills your team needs to drive results and a memorable student experience.

Optimize Your Enrollment Conversation and Your Conversion – 8 Week Program

Designed for Enrollment Counselors and Admission Representatives, but any of your student facing staff will benefit. This program will help your teams build a conversation system that helps them to know where and how to steer the conversation, connect with the student and feel confident in leading the student forward to next steps.

Creating and Leading a Higher Performing Enrollment Team – 8 Week Program

Equip your leaders with resources and examples to understand how to connect and execute on quantitative and qualitative priorities that lead to results.

Strategic Enrollment Planning 101 – 8 Week Program

Unleash the power of strategic enrollment management. Learn how to build a relevant and actionable Strategic Enrollment Management Plan that aligns with your institution, improves the student experience, and optimizes results.

Developing Partnerships that Deliver Connections and Results – 8 Week Program

Develop partnerships that grow brand awareness and enrollment for your institution. Lear all the things you need to know about the art and science of building strong, effective partnerships between employers and institutions of higher learning..

Empower Your Enrollment Team


Students are the foundation of everything we do. After all, expanding opportunity through education is our mission. Let’s work together to build enrollment paths around the modern student and help more people achieve the promise of higher education.


Your team is passionate and dedicated to helping students achieve success and complete their education journey. We’re passionate and dedicated to helping your staff develop the skills and tools to engage and connect with their students. Let’s work together to empower your staff so they can better serve students and expand opportunity through education.