Pre-Start Retention

Dedicated Success Coaching for Higher Start Rates

The transition between acceptance and enrollment can be a crucial, yet often overlooked, stage in a student’s journey. This is your chance to build lasting relationships and set the foundation for their academic success. Yet, with limited resources, providing personalized support during this critical phase can be challenging.

Building Relationships with Students

Our dedicated success coaches go beyond simply providing information. They proactively engage with admitted students, building genuine connections with each student, fostering a sense of belonging and support from the very beginning. This personalized approach allows coaches to:

  • Address individual questions and concerns related to academics, financing or any other aspect of enrolling at your institution.
  • Develop personalized action plans to help students seamlessly navigate the enrollment process and feel confident entering their new environment.
  • Connect students with relevant resources and ensure they feel supported throughout their academic journey.

Benefits of Pre-Start Retention

By establishing this connection early on, your institution can increase enrollment rates and foster a sense of community from the start. This leads to:

Higher Start Rates

By proactively addressing concerns and fostering excitement, dedicated success coaching reduces the risk of students dropping out before starting their studies.

Improved Student Success

Feeling welcomed and supported from the outset sets students on the path to academic success and fosters better long-term engagement with the institution.

Reduced Workload for Staff

Success coaches handle routine inquiries, freeing valuable time for admissions staff to focus on complex needs.