Enrollment Management

Optimize Enrollment & Student Outcomes

Enhance engagement with your prospective and current students along their journey with enrollment and success coaching services from EducationDynamics. Our highly trained team of higher ed professionals are armed with best-in-class technology and supported with a deep understanding of your programs and brand. Help your prospective students navigate the complex application process and support existing students through graduation with EDDY’s caring and professional team of enrollment and success coaches.

  • Improve Speed to Contact
  • Guide Students From Inquiry Through Graduation
  • Support Students with Success Coaching
  • Improve Overall Application and Persistence Rates
  • Re-Enroll Stop-Outs and Lost Students

Coaching Support – From Consideration to Graduation

Our amazing engagement rates and lightning-fast response times are just part of the story. Our experienced enrollment and success coaches are masters of enrollment and academic programs. We use every contact point to optimize enrollment through phone, text and email. Our skilled coaches understand the challenges and concerns of adult and non-traditional students because we focus exclusively on helping these students achieve success. Let our team support your enrollment and student success efforts. We’re here to help.

Enrollment Coaching

Engage prospective students at the peak of their motivation and interest. We engage your prospective students at the moment they are exploring academic opportunities. Our highly trained team of higher ed professionals is armed with best-in-class technology and supported with a deep understanding of your programs. The more quickly you respond to interested students, the more likely they are to enroll. We’ll help with that through our caring and student-centered approach.

Student Support & Success Coaching

Application acceptance and enrollment is only the beginning. Throughout the academic journey, your students may face many challenges and obstacles to their success. We’re here to help. Whether our success coaches are lending an ear, celebrating small victories, connecting with a campus resource, or helping a stop-out student back into a program after semesters away; our professional team is here to help. We apply the latest retention technology to identify at-risk students and connect with students when and how they desire to guide them to graduation. Improve your persistence rate and help more students achieve their goals with success coaching from EducationDynamics.

Re-Enrollment Services for Stop-Out Students

For adult and non-traditional students, the journey to graduation can be filled with obstacles – challenges that can drastically impact a student’s ability to progress to graduation. We’ll help your adult and online students identify and overcome the challenges that have caused them to stop their academic progress. Our team of dedicated coaches connects with stop-out students, develops a re-entry plan, and coaches them through the re-start process. Once re-enrolled, we help students stay on track and coach them through to successful degree completion. Together, we’ll get your students back on track toward their goals and help them stay there.

Enrollment Management Consulting

Maximize your team’s capabilities by engaging in personalized 1-1 or group coaching sessions designed to unlock their full potential. Benefit from a tailored strategy that provides clarity and addresses your specific needs. Our coaching sessions encompass skill enhancement, personalized resources, and optimization for your organization. Experience immediate improvements, positioning your team on a path towards long-term growth and sustainable success.

Staff Training and Development

Develop a comprehensive conversation system that empowers your enrollment and admissions team with the necessary tools to establish connections with students and confidently guide them towards the subsequent stages of the process.

EDDY is Part of Your Team

Passionate Higher Ed Professionals

Our experienced coaches are caring higher education experts. We build meaningful connections with prospective students because we care about their success – and it shows. Let EDDY bring the human touch to help guide students toward enrollment with consultative advising conversations and unparalleled care for the individual.

Multi-Platform Engagement

Our best-in-class technology allows us to find the perfect way to communicate with each student. From rapid-response phone calls and SMS messaging to email and zero-dial voicemail; we connect when and how your prospective students want.