Student Journey Mapping

Create a Frictionless Journey that Drives Enrollment, Engagement and Success

The once predictable student journey has evolved into a dynamic and multifaceted process. Today’s students are juggling multiple commitments filled with twists, turns and unexpected detours, forcing them to engage with institutions in ways that defy traditional expectations. This new reality demands a fresh approach to enrollment strategy. One that decodes the motivations and behaviors of the modern student and adapts to the student journey’s swift and non-linear attributes. In fact, our latest 2024 Online College Students Report, we found that 35% of online college students took between one to three weeks to select a school. Another 20% took less than a week. The short time frame requires institutions to be agile and responsive.

Craft a Student-Centered Experience

  • Uncover Hidden Insights:
    Discover what truly influences your students – from initial inquiry to graduation. Our analysis reveals pain points, engagement drivers and opportunities to optimize touchpoints.

  • Actionable Strategies, Measurable Results:
    Translate insights into actionable recommendations. We prioritize improvements with the biggest impact on student experience and enrollment growth. Track your progress and measure success.

  • Visualize the Student Journey:
    Get a clear picture of your student’s experience with a comprehensive student journey map. This map will visualize key touchpoints, communication channels and areas for improvement.

  • Sample Communication Plan:
    Implement a data-driven communication strategy with a sample plan. We will create email, text and voicemail content tailored to each stage of the student journey, promoting engagement and enrollment progression.

Our Comprehensive Student Journey Mapping Process

This comprehensive student journey mapping process analyzes what is currently happening during the student journey and helps you understand and optimize the student experience at every touchpoint. Here’s how we’ll work with you to achieve success:

Deep Discovery

We conduct a thorough analysis of your current student recruitment and support processes. This includes reviewing existing marketing materials, communication technology and student support systems.

Data-Driven Visualization

Based on our findings, we’ll create a visual student journey map that outlines all touchpoints – from inquiry to enrollment and beyond. This map identifies opportunities to streamline communication and optimize engagement at every stage.

Targeted Communication Strategy

We’ll develop a sample communication plan with targeted messaging and content for each stage of the student journey. This includes emails, text messages and voicemail scripts – all designed to nurture prospects, guide applicants and support enrolled students.

Ready to Transform Your Student Experience?

Achieve your enrollment goals with a well-defined student journey that truly understands your students’ experiences from initial inquiry to graduation. Contact us today to discuss your student journey mapping needs and unlock the full potential of your institution.