Professional and Administrative Teams

A Mission-Driven Organization Connecting People With Higher Education Opportunities

At EducationDynamics, we truly are on a mission to change lives through education. Others work in higher education; we make it our mission to serve as the bridge between higher education and today’s student. We are constantly evolving to anticipate trends and shape the future of higher ed. Sure, we set the standard. But more than that, we lead. And, to date, we’ve helped millions of students connect with the right colleges and universities for the knowledge and credentials they need to take the next professional step … pursue new careers … and achieve major life goals. We work hard at it, and we’re good. Seriously good.

Dedicated to Serving

Our focus is serving students. Our dedication is to all—students, education partners and each other. When you join EDDY, you know the job you do is making a positive difference for the world. You’ll also know what it means to be part of a team that has your back. At EDDY, we …

  • Respect, support and truly appreciate each other’s contributions
  • Provide the tools and resources you need to succeed and contribute
  • Connect and care for and about each other on a personal level
  • Share a mission—you become a vital part of a team dedicated to changing the world. 

We’re Winning Every Day

It’s almost cliché – no two days are alike. But it’s true. The work we do evolves. Methods change. New partners come on board all the time. What doesn’t change? Our mission. We support students by serving our clients. To that end, a few principles are written in stone.

One More Thing…

At EDDY, you have permission to try new things, bigger things. And with that permission comes the knowledge that sometimes we fail. We get it. We learn from our failures, and we come back stronger for it. You have permission to fail because we know that, with experience, we learn what it takes to win next time. Every day, in every way, we win. Together.

At EDDY we:

  • Position each other to succeed
  • Provide flexibility so our associates can keep winning
  • Treasure the contributions you make—professional and personal
  • Stay connected across multiple office locations or working from home
  • Prize diversity and work hard to ensure new and different voices are heard
  • Appreciate and value open and honest communication
  • Share ownership of EDDY’s direction and values
EDDY has a creative team

Make EDDY’s Mission Yours

Becoming a part of something bigger than yourself, joining a team dedicated to a mission of changing the world one student at a time, well, that’s pretty cool. But we do offer a few more perks than a mission. Come to EDDY for a …

Flexible work environment—working from home is possible for many of our team members

Life of working with innovative, solutions-focused teams

Drive to achieve real-world results

Satisfying focus on service

Employee-centered management team—putting your needs and goals first!

Working for EDDY has been a wonderful experience, and I feel privileged to be a part of the team.

“Best Places to Work” survey response

This a strong and passionate organization, full of people who care greatly about their jobs and the work we are doing.

“Best Places to Work” survey response

It is a well-built organization of people who are good at what they do, and in most usual scenarios make a point to thank one another and work together and to keep the quality at its highest.

“Best Places to Work” survey response