Aslanian Market Research

As student recruitment becomes more complex and competitive, there is no substitute for hard data to better understand the needs of today’s student. We provide the education market research you need to make more strategic decisions that produce better results.

Advancing the success of nearly 300 colleges and universities to date, Aslanian Market Research (AMR) helps postsecondary institutions seeking to expand “post-traditional” student enrollment through:

  • Market demand studies
  • Program feasibility studies
  • Institutional audits
  • Program and marketing reviews
  • Professional development seminars

Our studies provide the market intelligence needed to ensure that an institution’s programs, services, marketing, and outreach meet the demands and preferences of the types of prospective post-traditional students most likely to enroll in their programs. 

Our action recommendations point out data-driven changes and advancements most likely to lead to enrollment growth

Our experience includes projects for every type of institution (public, private, non-profit, for-profit), at all levels (community colleges, four-year colleges, graduate schools), in every area of the country (urban, suburban, rural), all across the nation.

Benefits of Working with Us

Unique research paradigm: Our studies are based in primary research among prospective and enrolled students in each targeted region. We do not rely on secondary sources. 

National experts on adult (and now post-traditional) learners: We are well known and highly respected for authoring landmark studies about adult learning, including Americans in Transition: Life Changes as Reasons for Adult Learning, and Adult Students Today; as well as two annual reports, Online College Students  2012 and Online College Students 2013

One size does not fit all: Every analysis is tailored to an institution’s unique needs and goals. We deliver an informative final report, with findings and recommendations that provide actionable steps to shape programs, policies and practices to better match the needs of today's students. 

Custom Research Services

Our research services provide customized market intelligence designed to answer the most pressing questions. Click here to download an overview of our services.

Adult/Post-Traditional Student Market Analysis: What do adult/post-traditional students demand of the institutions in which they enroll?  These studies make clear how an institution can increase enrollments by identifying effective outreach and marketing channels, and the programs, schedules, formats and services in highest demand.

Regional Online Student Market Analysis: Do you need a better understanding of the demand for online degrees and certificates in your region?  These studies profile the demographics of today’s online learner, how they search for online programs, what programs they enroll in, and what formats and schedules are most attractive to them.

Learn more about Regional Online Student Market Analysis studies >>

Program Feasibility Studies: Is there sufficient demand for the programs you are planning to offer?  For both online and on-ground programs, these studies help one understand demand among students and employers, as well as the current supply of the programs that one seeks  to offer.

Inquirers, Applicants and "Stop-Out/Drop Out" Studies: Why do people inquire and/or apply but not enroll? Why do some leave prior to completing their studies?  These studies help increase “yield” and retention, by better understanding what attracted people to an institution, why they did not enroll, or why they decided to "stop-out/drop-out."

Learn more about Inquirers and Applicant studies >>

Employer Studies: What do employers in your region need most from you? These studies identify the education and training needs of area employers, what they know about an institution, their interest in partnering with the institution, the status of their tuition benefits, and more.