Case Study-SNHU

In the fall of 2008, Southern New Hampshire University commissioned Aslanian Market Research to conduct an undergraduate adult student and graduate student market analysis. The University’s 70-year history in serving the adult student market through courses and programs offered through its home campus and off-campus centers had been noteworthy and significant. However, given the increasingly volatile and ever-changing nature of the local community and the influx and expansion of the competition, it had become important for the University to assess its current strengths and identify optimal areas for expansion, including online offerings. In the spring of 2009, we conducted an additional market study to assess demand and opportunities in southern Maine, where it had a satellite campus. These two market studies focused on a range of populations: recent undergraduate adult or graduate students in the region (demand study), current students an SNHU, inquirers and applicants, employers and competitors.

In addition to providing critical data and analysis on the market’s needs and preferences, our research also helped the University to adjust and finalize its planned transition to a new organizational structure that included a combined adult and online student division. 

Martha Rush-Mueller, Innovation Lab Leader: Marketing
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