Alleviating Staffing Constraints

Private, special focus university is the leader in chiropractic education since 1935

This private, special focus university is the leader in chiropractic education since 1935. It is a top 4 chiropractic college with a total of 7 degrees, as well as online and in-demand programs. It employs a holistic health and wellness approach for graduates and provides students with an innovative, outcome-based academic curriculum. The university aspires to be a community of leaders committed to transformative student success through a curriculum that emphasizes evidence-informed care, clinical opportunities, technology, and proven practices.

Partnering with EducationDynamics was a results-driven strategy for our university to establish a competitive advantage. Not only has EDDY had an incredibly enjoyable team to work with, but EDDY has also helped us increase our overall productivity with higher conversions and enrollments. EDDY’s eagerness to succeed provides us with ongoing engagement to maximize student enrollments for our university with availability and skills that bring value to our online enrollment management services.

The Results

  • Month 1: 4% Increase in application rate
  • Quarter 1: 9% Increase in application rate
  • Year 1: 14% Increase in application rate

The Challenge

As the 2020 pandemic ripped through the economy, schools were also left with a staffing crisis. The university realized that its staffing constraint was inhibiting its growth and was also a major obstacle to its enrollment goals. To properly handle the volume of prospective student inquiries, the school needed a trustworthy partner with the right resources and tools to help nurture students through the application process. A partner that could be an extension of their team while maintaining the university’s brand, mission, and values.

  • Scale the university’s ability to reach students while protecting the integrity of its brand.
  • Qualify prospective students to optimize enrollment rates.
  • Manage the enrollment lifecycle to allow the university’s on-campus staff to focus on retention efforts.
  • Nurture prospective students through the complex application process.

The Solution

To relieve the university of its staffing constraint, EducationDynamics implemented its enrollment management service. To support the school in accomplishing its goals and allow its staff to focus on pre-and post-start retention, EDDY’s team of higher education experts stepped in to help the university’s enrollment lifecycle. To start with, EDDY began by qualifying prospective students. This included facilitating meaningful enrollment conversations on behalf of the university while upholding the university’s brand and program details. Next, EDDY’s performance-driven contact center nurtured prospective students through consideration to application. By utilizing every contact point to optimize enrollment, EDDY was able to provide prospective students with amazing engagement and lightning-fast responses.

The EDDY Difference

Growing Enrollments. Improving Cost Per Start

EDDY’s nationwide team of highly qualified and highly trained professional staff and coaches were just the solutions that the university needed. EDDY’s team is filled with individuals who are comprehensively trained to each institution’s brand and program offerings. In addition to having a team of higher education professionals, EDDY is armed with the best-in-class technology to support universities towards their goals and scale their academic programs. Its technological capabilities and infrastructure enable EDDY to deliver quality at scale. EDDY’s tech-enabled services and operations allow their team of enrollment management experts to efficiently handle inquiries in a timely manner while reaching prospective students at peak interest. EDDY’s expertise in enrollment management, understanding of the student lifecycle, and technological resources were paramount in helping the school overcome its staffing constraints and optimizing enrollments.