Aligning Marketing
& Success Coaching

Finding Success for Less Traditional Online Programs

In 2019, a nationally recognized university was looking to grow two recently launched online programs that would expand its reach and offer the marketplace new advanced degree options. After seeking out solutions and exploring alternatives, the school partnered with EducationDynamics to help manage enrollment management services for its online master’s programs. EDDY’s marketing and enrollment management teams collaborated to create a comprehensive solution that generates high-quality, high-intent inquiries and initiates an outreach strategy that assists prospective students through the consideration and application processes.

In the first year of our partnership, the program exceeded enrollment expectations by 40%, allowing the school to invest more heavily in marketing and enrollment growth plans.

A Challenge Educating the Marketplace

Although the university is nationally recognized, law school faced challenges building awareness in a competitive in-state law school environment. The school decided to diversify its offerings and increase overall awareness of its high-quality, flexible online master’s programs. There were three primary objectives at the outset:

  • Grow awareness in available online programs
  • Identify and engage high-intent prospects that meet rigorous admissions standards
  • Engage prospective students with the right message, at the right time, on their preferred channels.

The Solution – Pairing Marketing and Success Coaching

In late 2019, the university’s School of Law selected EducationDynamics as its strategic partner to provide a comprehensive enrollment growth strategy leveraging awareness marketing, digital media, and enrollment management.

The digital marketing and contact center teams at EDDY collaborated and launched a full-funnel strategy that consisted of generating high-intent and high-volume inquiries, initiating outreach on all digital marketing and organic inquiries, and acting on behalf of the university to assist in the application completion process.

EDDY’s team of higher education marketing professionals implemented a two-phase digital marketing strategy aimed at increasing awareness for the graduate school of law. Phase one consisted of an initial marketing strategy that allocated 70% of the budget towards paid social to spread awareness and increase engagement and 30% of the budget towards paid search to capture high-intent prospects. This strategy combined with EDDY’s expert advisors’ proactive “speed to lead” outreach to prospective students yielded a strong start for the university’s graduate school of law. As program awareness efforts began to pay off in the form of month-over-month organic lead volume growth, EDDY shifted the digital marketing strategy to a 60/40 approach ahead of the university’s fall 2020 start. This allocated 60% of the budget toward paid social and 40% of the budget toward paid search.

Additionally, during each digital marketing phase, EDDY continuously refined the audience targeting and improved ad messaging to drive optimal enrollments which resulted in its largest incoming class ever in Spring 2021 for the graduate school of law.

The EDDY Difference

Growing Enrollments with Blended Solutions

Rather than a set-it-and-leave-it approach, EducationDynamics performed an ongoing process of optimization across several phases of digital marketing strategies with a focus on increasing program awareness and driving enrollments for the university’s graduate school of law. With each new start term, EDDY collected and analyzed the university’s enrollment trends, from quantitative marketing metrics to qualitative prospect feedback. The strategic changes made from ongoing optimization helped improve holistic enrollment performance start-over-start.

EDDY’s team of over 450 marketing and enrollment management professionals, paired with its deep understanding of online academic programs and student behavior, allowed EDDY to execute a dynamic mix of strategies to maximize efficiencies and grow enrollment numbers for the Graduate School of Law.

EDDY’s approach to marketing and enrollment management applies both expertise and a focus on continuous improvement which is why many leading colleges and universities trust EducationDynamics.