Inquiry Generation

Gain More Enrollments from Quality Inquiries

We deliver well-qualified prospects, at scale, at an attractive cost per enrollment. Utilizing a wide range of marketing channels and long-established consumer brands such as,, and, we attract high-intent prospective students and we expertly pair them with schools and programs. Our flexible pay-per-inquiry and pay-per-click models complement your marketing efforts and deliver high-intent prospects; inquiries that turn into students that persist.

  • Quality at Scale
  • Custom-Fit Targeting and Messaging
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Expert Support
  • Recognized and Respected Portals

Multi-Channel, Multi-Media, Multi-Platform Prospect Generation Experts

Get more eyes on your programs with our multi-channel, multi-media inquiry generation solutions. Starting with our proprietary online searchable databases, our comprehensive approach to inquiry generation utilizes a diverse blend of engagement channels to attract and engage high-intent prospects. Whether you’re seeking graduate or undergraduate students, on-campus or online, we know where to find them and how to reach them.

Flexible Solutions That Fit

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely fit anyone—that’s why our inquiry generation tools are tailor-made to meet your needs. And when circumstances change, we’re ready. Our expert consulting team will work with you to find the right portals, engagement models and solutions to fit your need and budget.

Highly Targeted Multi-Channel Marketing

DRTV, SEO, call center, paid search, display, e-mail, mobile, and social media—the widest array of marketing channels curated to deliver customized solutions to your unique goals and business needs for highly targeted and qualified prospects, at scale and on budget. At the heart of our approach to delivering qualified prospective students at scale are our proprietary student portals backed by searchable online databases that feature action-driving information on colleges and universities. Highlight your school and program within our databases and on our online websites with a variety of display and featured listing advertising options.

A Network of Trusted Affiliates

Tap into our extensive partner network of highly relevant websites, digital marketers, and call center affiliates to source inquiries at an efficient cost-per-enrollment. We’ve curated a diverse network of the most influential high-traffic, high-quality affiliates who know how to engage the right prospects. The end result? A one-stop shop with the strength and ability to deliver quality at scale.

Contact Center

Drive higher ROI and improve your marketing efficiency. Our comprehensive solutions combine in-depth consumer insights with proven strategies, driving stronger conversions and improved efficiencies. Proprietary tools like our AMS (Admissions Management System) empowers us to deliver unparalleled results, while our dedicated team ensures best-in-class quality.

Your Inquiry Partners

Tailored Solutions

We understand today’s college students better than anyone else, and we put that knowledge to work for you. Our expert consultants will help you tailor the right blend of prospects, portals, and placements to meet your enrollment goals. Whether we are gathering prospect inquiries through our portals or driving inquiries to your website, we deliver prospective students that are ready to engage and enroll.

Quality. At Scale.

When it comes to driving enrollment growth through inquiry generation, you need both high-quality inquiries that are likely to enroll and you need them at scale. We deliver thousands of prospects from millions of visitors each year, by providing your prospects with unmatched user experience and trust that leads to more enrollments.

student studying

Recognized and Trusted Brands

We maintain and update trusted and recognized student-searchable databases via our online web-based portals like,,, and, making it easy for students to find, research and select schools and programs. Our comprehensive databases allow prospective students to research and connect with schools on the basis of courses of study, degree level, program requirements, student services and much more. Bottom line? You get highly qualified and motivated students who are ready to enroll in your program.