Prospecting Services

EducationDynamics: Higher Education’s Leader in Student Inquiry Generation Services

As the industry-leading, trusted partner to over 900 colleges and universities across the globe, EducationDynamics is committed to providing highly qualified prospective students to our school partners.  We serve every type of higher education institution, including:  

  • For-profit and not-for-profit
  • Traditional and online
  • Private and public
  • OPMs and agencies

Our commitment to providing high quality student prospects is unmatched 

We design custom prospecting solutions, based on an institution’s unique needs, always targeting our school partners' key performance targets and goals.   

How We Deliver Highly Qualified Prospective Students

Through a diverse mix of marketing channels, both online and offline, we attract more than 2 million unique visitors a month. Through custom-designed campaigns, we accurately target, attract and help match prospective students to schools that suit their goals, schedules and budgets, ensuring a consistent flow of highly qualified candidates for our higher education clients. 

Why More Schools Choose to Partner with EducationDynamics

Compliance: Industry-leading standards, with an in-house legal and compliance team

Outstanding Customer Service: A dedicated customer service team

Highly Targeted, Multi-Channel Marketing: We utilize the widest array of marketing channels, including DRTV, SEO, call center, paid search, display, e-mail, mobile, and social media to deliver highly targeted, qualified prospects

Strict Adherence to Quality and Cost Targets: Ongoing optimization leads to results that meet all set targets

National Brand Recognition: Our portal,, is the only one of its kind with national broadcast exposure, reaching millions of people on a regular basis  

Large, In-House Call Center: Long history of delivering Warm Transfer prospects to schools; inbound and outbound call capabilities

We’re Growing: Our rapid growth and expanding reach make us the front runner in the industry

Multi-Channel Prospecting: The Right Marketing Channels for the Best Results

Through multi-channel marketing and constant optimization, EducationDynamics has the distinct ability to design custom solutions based on our clients’ unique recruitment goals and overall business needs.  We utilize the industry’s widest array of marketing channels to deliver both highly targeted and highly qualified prospects, at scale, including:


SEO Traffic

Paid Search




Social Media

Television Advertising

Warm Transfer

Data Purchase

Outbound Telemarketing

Partner Marketing


Our goal is to deliver the most qualified prospective students, through a multi-channel marketing approach that best works with each institution's marketing infrastructure, objectives, and budget.

The Optimal Marketing Solution

Whether on a cost-per-inquiry or a cost-per-click basis, we help each partner institution find highly qualified prospects that matches their recruitment and enrollment goals.  Our strict adherence to volume, quality, and cost targets, through ongoing campaign optimization, leads to results that can meet any goal or cost-per-enrollment (CPE) target. We also have a long and rich history of successful clicks advertising, and a team of experts to help guide our partners through the process of developing and managing targeted campaigns.