Higher Ed Leaders Gather to Discuss Best Practices in Attracting and Serving Adult Students

By: Eric McGee Oct 06, 2022

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 6, 2022 — EducationDynamics and Google recently brought together several higher ed leaders and industry experts to discuss these challenges, which will likely continue for several years. Despite the challenges that many schools are facing, the day’s conversation focused on the opportunity to attract students with Some College, No Credential, and serve them through non-traditional programs that offer more flexibility and better fit their lives and objectives.

The challenge facing the higher ed leaders in attendance is how to attract and serve these students in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, driven by an increased awareness of the possibilities of online learning and a more competitive marketplace as more colleges and universities turn their attention to online programs.

To help schools better understand and engage these students, experts from EducationDynamics and Google shared the latest best practices for engaging prospective students. The conversation centered on the role of the modern higher-ed marketer and the strategies they can leverage as marketing becomes more complex and strategic, with Artificial Intelligence helping to automate many of the data-intensive tasks previously managed by people.

Participants in the half-day Huddle also exchanged ideas about the best marketing channels that resonate with students, and ways to best leverage these channels to reach more prospective students more efficiently.

“This event was an important opportunity for us to share what’s happening in the higher education landscape and discuss where we can focus our energies to help higher education better serve adult students,” said Bruce Douglas, CEO of EducationDynamics. “As more students turn to online learning to gain the skills they need for success in today’s economy, it is essential that we work closely with our partners in marketing and higher education to understand their needs and help them adapt to a rapidly evolving landscape.”

EducationDynamics organized the InsightsEDU Huddle to provide the opportunity to collaborate with leaders from marketing and higher education in an intimate setting designed to inform, motivate, and inspire. This event was hosted in a larger series of events geared toward higher ed marketing and enrollment management. The next event in the series is the annual InsightsEDU conference, which is being held in Denver on March 7-9, 2023.

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