Higher Education SEO Agency To Grow Enrollments

If You Build it, Prospects Will Search

Here’s the key to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — if you build it, prospective students will search for it … when they are ready. The trick is, when they do, they find you organically. But it’s not a trick; it’s the white hat game-changing power of EDDY’s SEO experts. Using the latest tools and techniques, we put you on the digital map. From Featured Snippets to “People Also Ask” to AI advances, we control the strategic edge of SEO innovation to help you capture and convert the most relevant traffic.

  • Deliver Valuable Content That Students Care Most About
  • Generate High-Intent Inquiries From Organic Traffic
  • Apply Technical SEO Best Practices to Match Ever-Evolving Search Engine Algorithms

EDDY Lives and Breathes SEO Innovation!

When it comes to SEO, innovation is the name of the game because the rules are always changing. The truth is, there are no tricks, hacks or shortcuts when it comes to SEO because search engines are making constant changes to their algorithms and how they value and rank websites. So, what works? Great content, amazing architecture, an exceptional user experience (UX), and tremendous technical SEO best practices. We deliver that. All of it.

Want more proof our SEO works? You’re here right now – reading this very page about SEO for higher education marketing. But, we’re not spending all our time on improving our own ranking because we’re too focused on optimizing your digital footprint. Bottom line, we are single-minded in helping you become top-of-mind for your future alumni. We put you first with:

A longer organic reach

We do the research. We find the traffic-driving long-tail keywords. We define the SEO strategy. And we build your brand-specific plan for organic search success. What we don’t do is leave anything to chance. EDDY is completely focused on helping you achieve your organic search goals by helping you maintain your website and related content.

Tools, strategies, and innovations … oh my!

With headquarters based in Kansas, you could be excused for thinking our innovative strategies and cutting-edge tools are straight out of OZ. We create SEO magic using the industry’s leading tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, SEMrush, ChatGPT, Jasper, Screaming Frog, Crazy Egg and more. And, we leverage the data gleaned from best-in-class SEO tools with our proprietary content development strategies developed over years of higher ed marketing.

A mix of multiple channels

Your organic site is only one of many tools our SEO team optimizes to keep you top-of-mind with your prospective students. Let’s work together to develop a comprehensive content strategy that includes blogging, ebooks, playbooks and other valuable content to develop a well-rounded strategy that moves the needle on capturing share-of-mind and converting leads.

Fearless innovation

Featured snippets are the tiny info-rich hyperlinked content Google highlights in certain searches. “People also ask” is another highlighted search feature, featuring FAQs with hyperlinked accordion answers. This is SEO innovation, and we are on top of it. We’ll help you capture this high-value real estate in search engine results.

We wrote the book on SEO for Higher Ed Marketers

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Playbook on SEO for Higher Ed Marketers? Turns out there is, and the EducationDynamics SEO experts wrote the book to help higher ed marketers better understand and explain the need for better SEO strategy. Read the playbook. Then share it with the person down the hall that wants to buy another newspaper placement. Then start the conversation with the SEO experts and EducationDynamics.

Optimized … aka “Just What You Need”

Yep, data drives SEO, too!

Best low-cost MBA program. Nursing degrees near me. FAFSA help calculator. Your future alumni are actively searching for you. Our data-informed expertise helps us make sure you speak their search language.

Ad hoc or soup-to-nuts service

Optimize your site? We can do that. Create an editorial calendar for your blog strategy? Sure. Work with you to define and design your long-term SEO plan? Yep. From weekly strategy meetings to full SEO management, EDDY’s experts will skyrocket you to the top of search engine rankings.

Trusted Industry Experts

EDDY’s agency experts are recognized across the industry. We’re driven to continuous learning and improvement, and it shows in our marketing platform partnerships and certifications. We stay on top of the latest technology, trends and best practices to ensure you the best possible performance in your marketing and enrollment growth initiatives.