Transcript Ordering

Streamline Your Enrollment Process with Transcript Ordering

EducationDynamics understands that transcript ordering can be a time-consuming and frustrating step for students. That’s why we offer this add-on service to our enrollment coaching program, helping you engage more effectively, expedite the application process and ultimately increase enrollment rates.

Simplify the Application Journey for Prospective Students

When a student expresses interest in your institution, EDDY will reach out to them and offer the option to have their transcripts ordered on their behalf. This eliminates the need for students to navigate through various transcript ordering systems, which can often be confusing and overwhelming.

Not only does this service save time for both you and your prospective students, but it also helps to improve communication and engagement. Increase conversion rates from interested students to enrolled students. With a faster and more streamlined process, students are more likely to complete their applications and enroll at your institution. This can ultimately lead to higher enrollment numbers and increased success for your institution.

A Seamless Integration with Enrollment Coaching

Don’t worry about having to manage another system or platform. Our transcript ordering service seamlessly integrates with our enrollment coaching program, providing a one-stop-shop for all your enrollment needs.

How we can help you achieve your enrollment goals:

Faster Application Processing

Expedite admissions decisions with readily available transcripts.

Increased Efficiency

Free up your admissions team to focus on other crucial aspects of the application process.

Higher Conversion Rates

Convert more interested students into enrolled students with a seamless application experience.

Enhanced Student Satisfaction

Demonstrate your commitment to student support and provide a positive first impression.