UX & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Building Delight in Every User Experience for Higher Conversions

Even in today’s mobile environment, your website remains the hub of your digital marketing and enrollment strategy. Well before they engage, it’s the first place most prospective students go to research your learning community. Their experience on your website can either reinforce a good first impression … or deflate your entire recruitment effort. You built the awareness, now close the deal. At EDDY, our expertise in UX provides the lift you need to excite student interest, create student-centered experiences and boost conversion rates.

  • Create a student-centered experience from the very first point of contact
  • Achieve greater results on organic SEO and paid digital marketing efforts with improved conversions
  • Leverage best practices in UX and CRO based on years of testing and measuring millions of website visitors

We are UX- and CRO-Obsessed to Help You Find and Convert Students

How do we ensure your site delivers the best UX experience possible? Data. Data. Data. Where others plan their strategies around assumptions, we are all about the data. At EducationDynamics, we monitor and analyze user behavior across hundreds of partner and proprietary sites, continuously adjusting, adapting, and advancing web content and usability for better, more dynamic user experiences. We have access to top-tier tools as well as proprietary processes that keep us on the cutting edge of CRO best practices. Count on EDDY for:

A Test-For-It Dynamic

Go beyond button color tests. We measure and A/B test page elements at macro and micro levels — all leveling up for eye-opening metrics (think 5-10% growth in conversion rates YoY).

Bleeding-Edge Testing Tools

We know the ins-and-outs of top-tier testing tools. The UX experts at EducationDynamics analyze heatmaps, conduct A/B usability tests, on-site behavior, and more using top-of-class tools like CrazyEgg, VWO, Convert, UXTweak, WEVO, Google Analytics and more.

Analyzing Analytics

Speaking of Google Analytics, EDDY understands search engine algorithms like no one else. Our UX team works hand-in-hand with higher ed SEO experts to help you rank highly. Then we continuously refine web pages to maximize user delight. (And optimize conversion rates.)

The Essentials: Core Web Vitals

Know how to optimize your website for Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) to measure perceived load speed, Cumulative Layout Shift (measuring visual stability, and First Input Delay (measuring time for first user interaction)? That’s okay, we have you covered. Our team of higher ed UX experts understand that Core Web Vitals are not just for SEO rankings, they have a real-world impact on user experiences – impact that can lead to significant improvements in conversion rate optimization efforts.

EDDY Makes User Delight EASY!

Exceptional UX Expertise

Your message is unique. It shouldn’t be diluted between awareness and enrollment with a weak user experience during the research phase. At Eddy, we make sure your message shines through at every phase of the enrollment funnel.

CRO That Lives Up to the Name

When your student messaging hits the mark at every step of the enrollment process, from brand awareness to website research to prospect engagement, CRO becomes a matter of course. Even then, we don’t leave it to chance. We engage.

Trusted Industry Experts

EDDY’s agency experts are recognized across the industry. We’re driven to continuous learning and improvement, and it shows in our marketing platform partnerships and certifications. We stay on top of the latest technology, trends and best practices to ensure you the best possible performance in your marketing and enrollment growth initiatives.