EducationDynamics Acquires Higher Education Portal CLASSESUSA

By: Eric McGee Nov 24, 2020

EducationDynamics Acquires Higher Education Portal CLASSESUSA

HOBOKEN, N.J., November 24, 2020 — EducationDynamics, a leader in higher education marketing and enrollment management services, today announced the acquisition of higher education portal ClassesUSA from Los Angeles-based Core Digital Media.

“This new acquisition will strengthen EducationDynamics’ position as the leader in delivering new adult students to its 700+ college and university clients,” said EducationDynamics CEO Bruce Douglas. “The incremental capabilities brought to EducationDynamics through this new deal strengthens our multi-channel marketing expertise, driving the company forward in its ongoing efforts to provide ever-increasing value to its many higher education institution partners.”

The acquisition will help broaden existing enrollment management services within EducationDynamics.

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EducationDynamics is the industry leader in helping colleges and universities find new adult students and achieve their enrollment goals. As the trusted partner to more than 900 higher educational institutions, EducationDynamics has earned a reputation for providing the resources and expertise required to meet a wide range of industry challenges, delivering inquiry generation and agency of record marketing (e.g. paid digital, organic search, awareness), enrollment management, retention, and technology solutions to colleges and universities across the country. For more information, please visit: