Four Benefits of Attending InsightsEDU

By: Jesse Homan Oct 19, 2023

Four Benefits of Attending InsightsEDU

A Premier Higher Education Conference for Online Programs

In today’s fast-paced world, where information is just a click away, you might wonder why attending conferences is still relevant. After all, can’t you learn everything you need from the comfort of your own home or office? While the digital age has undoubtedly transformed how we access information, attending conferences remains a valuable and irreplaceable experience. When it comes to the higher education industry, InsightsEDU is one of the few higher education conferences that focus exclusively on marketing and enrollment management, as well as career-focused adult students enrolled in online education programs.

Every year, InsightsEDU brings together marketing, admissions, and enrollment management professionals to create an inspiring environment to network, learn and stay up to date on the latest higher education trends.

This year, InsightsEDU, hosted annually by EducationDynamics, is on February 20-22, 2024, at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown in Phoenix, Arizona. With an expected attendance of 250-300 representatives from universities and colleges worldwide, InsightsEDU promises a wealth of knowledge and opportunities you won’t want to miss.

Why Should Higher Education Professionals Attend InsightsEDU?

Keeping up with the times in a rapidly shifting higher education landscape means taking proactive steps to seek opportunities where you can listen to what others are doing and learn from their experiences and actions.

InsightsEDU offers an exciting opportunity to learn from higher education’s best and brightest minds. Whether you’re a seasoned Chief Marketing Officer or a newcomer in enrollment management, InsightsEDU is the ultimate platform for gaining industry data, networking, and collaborating with experts and peers. By attending InsightsEDU, you can expect to access invaluable marketing insights, student trends, and enrollment strategies that will empower you to make informed decisions and elevate your institution’s student experiences.

Benefits of Attending a Higher Education Conference like InsightsEDU

1. Staying Informed on Higher Education Trends

InsightsEDU is the gateway to the latest higher education marketing and enrollment management trends. Institutions are adapting their marketing strategies, curriculum offerings, staff development and student support services to align with changing student preferences to stay competitive.

Understanding current developments in higher education is key to meeting the expectations of prospective students and keeping them engaged throughout their academic journey.

Through InsightsEDU, one can tap into forward-thinking approaches and make strategic decisions to attract and retain students more effectively.

InsightsEDU offers an extensive lineup of sessions and panel discussions on various topics trending in higher education. Attendees can look forward to getting insights from presentations like an analysis of online student preferences in the 2024 Online College Student’s Report. Whether looking to attend informative sessions, network with peers, engage with thought leaders, or gain insights from keynote presentations, the conference provides multiple avenues for enhancing one’s knowledge and staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of higher education.

2. Network with Fellow Institutional Leaders, Experts, and Professionals Nationwide

This year, InsightsEDU is anticipating the presence of up to 300 presidents, deans, directors, marketing managers, and enrollment management decision-makers from the higher education community. InsightsEDU brings together a diverse range of professionals from higher education institutions worldwide. This diversity creates a dynamic networking environment where you can connect with peers, share experiences, and gain new perspectives.

You’ll have the unique opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge of industry leaders and gain strategic insights into program marketing, student recruitment and enrollment processes.

InsightsEDU isn’t just another conference; it’s a remarkable opportunity to connect, collaborate, and build meaningful relationships in higher education. While formal sessions offer valuable insights, what distinguishes InsightsEDU is its dedication to nurturing a vibrant networking environment.

And the networking experience at InsightsEDU doesn’t stop when the conference ends. Stay connected with the professionals you’ve met through the discussion forums in the event app. This unique feature allows you to effortlessly continue networking and stay in touch long after the event.

Connect with like-minded individuals who share your dedication to education, collaborate across institutions, and build lasting relationships in a welcoming environment. These connections add depth to your professional journey in higher education, going beyond surface-level interactions.

An infographic showing the job titles of attendees at InsightsEDU: 8% are Deans, 8% are Coordinators, 6% are Advisors, 5% are Administrative & other 21% are Senior Leadership, 21% are Managers, and 43% are Directors

3. Get Inspired by Influential Speakers and Thought Leaders in Higher Education

An infographic showing a breakdown of attendees at InsightsEDU by their departments.

The core of InsightsEDU lies in its comprehensive agenda, filled with informative sessions and panel discussions. These sessions are led by experts and InsightsEDU boasts an impressive lineup of keynotes and presenters who are all leaders in their field. Attendees can expect speakers to present invaluable insights, strategies, and innovative approaches to higher education marketing and enrollment management.

By attending InsightsEDU, you will hear from influential leaders as they share their wisdom and experiences to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of higher education.

A session that is bound to leave you inspired is the panel discussion “Paving the Path to Affordable and Accessible Higher Education,” which features four visionary leaders from different institutions. The session aims to spark meaningful conversation around financial barriers limiting marginalized populations from quality education. By attending sessions and engaging in discussions, you will leave the conference feeling inspired and motivated to impact your institution positively. Hearing success stories and experiencing the energy of like-minded professionals can reignite one’s passion for higher education and provide a fresh perspective on tackling challenges.

4. Discover Innovative Strategies and Best Practices to Grow Your Program Enrollment

At InsightsEDU, you’ll be exposed to best practices proven to boost program enrollment. One of the most valuable aspects of InsightsEDU is the diverse range of sessions and panel discussions dedicated to marketing and enrollment management.

Attendees can learn from seasoned higher education professionals who have successfully navigated the challenges of program marketing and enrollment management. You’ll have the chance to engage with like-minded professionals who have faced similar challenges and found innovative solutions, making this conference a goldmine of best practices that can be tailored to your specific institution.

Furthermore, InsightsEDU serves as a platform for connecting with peers and industry experts, enabling you to engage in candid conversations and share strategies on what works best for your respective institutions. The invaluable peer-to-peer learning and the cross-pollination of ideas in these informal settings can lead to innovative approaches that might not be covered in formal sessions.

Armed with these innovative strategies and best practices, you’ll be well-equipped to attract and retain the right students for your programs, ensuring long-term growth and success.

The Unquestionable Value of InsightsEDU for Higher Ed Professionals

No matter your motivation for attending InsightsEDU – be it data, connections, or insights – rest assured that this event has something valuable in store for you. It’s an opportunity to supercharge your knowledge and network with higher education professionals.

So, mark your calendars and invest in yourself as a professional by joining us in Phoenix, Arizona, from February 20-22. To secure your seat at the conference, register here. See you at InsightsEDU!