What We Learned from the InsightsEDU Higher Education Conference

By: Jesse Homan Mar 16, 2023

What We Learned from the InsightsEDU Higher Education Conference

Highlights and Key Takeaways from InsightsEDU 2023

It was quite a sight to behold when the Hilton Denver City Center opened its doors to the throng of higher ed professionals who showed up for this year’s InsightsEDU higher education conference. With over 230 higher education professionals from over 75 higher ed institutions, it’s no wonder that there was such energy in the room! Everyone had stories of their own successes and strategies they were eager to share on how best to meet the needs of today’s online student.

The Hilton Denver City Center Hotel stands proudly on the corner of California Street and 18th Street, its sophisticated facade illuminated by the warm morning sunlight.
Hilton Denver City Center on the corner of California Street and 18th Street.

Carol Aslanian’s Presentation at the InsightsEDU Higher Education Conference

The scene at Lower Level 2 of the Hilton couldn’t have been more familiar or exciting! Everyone stopped to greet each other – despite only having met online before – being sure to grab their name tags and lanyards from friendly EDDY staff, then it was time for a delicious breakfast buffet which would fill everyone up in anticipation of taking in Carol Aslanian‘s presentation on the 2023 Online College Students Report.

Carol Aslanian stands confidently at the podium, talking passionately about her latest report on Online College Students as a PowerPoint presentation flickers on the projection screen behind her.

Following Carol’s session, conference attendees moved off in different directions – split between three different concurrent sessions presented by our extraordinary sponsors who were all striving above and beyond to make student enrollments easier and to help create more graduates. In between catching up on the most recent trends in higher education and taking notes on student retention, personalization strategies, and enrollment logics, everyone even got the chance for a quick breather before it was time for concurrent sessions round two!

Lora Polich and MiQ Discuss Brand Awareness

The session on measuring your Brand Awareness at our event was a huge hit! Our Director of Awareness Marketing, Lora Polich and MiQ, had everyone’s attention as they discussed how to measure brand awareness. It was obvious that this topic resonated with many of the attendees, and they were all keen to learn more about it.

As the sun began to set on what had been an incredibly productive day, we all gathered around for something special – a welcome reception. And the next morning, we had an early start which included a restorative yoga session that allowed us all to relax, recharge and reset our minds so that we were ready for more!

Impactful Sessions Geared Team Dynamics, Optimizing your Marketing Mix and More

The second day of our conference was nothing short of amazing! Morgan Gonzalez, our VP of Account Management, and Don Batsford, Head of Industry at Google, gave us an in-depth look into how to pick the best marketing mix for your brand based on the strengths of your team and use the data gathered.

Don Batsford speaks to the importance of understanding how to optimize your marketing mix  at the InsightsEDU higher education conference. A powerful lesson that resonates with all who listen from their seats beneath him on the stage.

Then came Dr. Sherene McHenry, who had everyone in stitches with her Keynote about strategies that can be implemented to define team dynamics and set up a plan of success to positively impact an organization’s culture and performance. It was truly a memorable experience that left us feeling motivated and ready to take on any challenge.

An experienced and knowledgeable speaker, Dr. Sherene McHenry captivates the crowd at the InsightsEDU higher education conference with her words as she speaks confidently and intelligently about Maximizing your leadership by navigating the five types of people..

Strategies Learned at InsightsEDU to Elevate Your Brand’s Relevance

We heard lots of great advice during the InsightsEDU sessions, and one that really stood out was the importance of thinking of your website as the hub of your brand and taking the time to rethink your approach to SEO. Lots of attendees realized that they hope to invest more in their page visibility, which means investing both time and effort in improving their SEO.

Two young women clad in business-casual attire proudly standing and smiling with red InsightsEDU-branded tote bags in hand.

Universities are always trying to stay ahead of the game when it comes to staying relevant in today’s academic climate, and the InsightsEDU higher education conference showed us how they could do just that! With great minds gathered around the same table discussing, collaborating on ideas, and sharing their experiences, there was no shortage of useful advice being shared – the importance of having a student-centric perspective being top of the list! Everyone left feeling inspired by the wealth of knowledge gained and eager to implement these new strategies at their respective institutions.

Connections Beyond the InsightsEDU Higher Education Conference

Apart from the formal sessions, InsightsEDU also encouraged networking and collaboration among attendees. It was a great opportunity for everyone to come together and chat about what they’ve learned from the different conference sessions and how to move forward with those insights. It was really inspiring to see so many minds coming together to make plans for the future!

A young woman raising her hand and looking on in admiration as she receive valuable insights from experienced professionals during an inspiring day of learning

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