Remarketing For Higher Education. Still an Essential Tool in Digital Marketing.

BY: Eric McGee September 12, 2019

61 percent of students enroll with the first school that contacts them with info. We also know that almost 96 percent of website traffic is composed of “drive-by” visitors who browse your site without taking ... Read More

Emerging Program Areas in Higher Education

BY: Eric McGee September 5, 2019

is dropping. In Spring 2018, enrollments decreased 1.3 percent from the previous year. This continues a trend of a 1% or greater drop in enrollments every semester since fall 2015. Institutions that want to stay ... Read More

Webinar – New Paths to Growing Online Programs

BY: Eric McGee August 29, 2019

0:00 Today’s webinar, New Paths in Online Program Growth, is presented by Nicole Foerschler-Horn of Education Dynamics and Lori Pulido of Ease Learning. These are two very very experienced higher education professionals. They have a ... Read More

Offer Career Services to Boost Student Satisfaction

BY: Emma Rose August 15, 2019

Career services are a vital part of your offerings to online college students. While not every student will use career services, many will. They are particularly important if you want to attract first-generation students. Even ... Read More

Nurturing Post-Traditional Students

BY: Emma Rose August 7, 2019

Nurturing post-traditional student prospects is something that every institution must do to be successful. In a new eBook, Education Dynamics explores what drives post-traditional students and offers actionable insights to help you effectively attract post-traditional ... Read More

Creating Programs That are Both Online & Convenient

BY: Emma Rose July 29, 2019

Ask representatives from any online program to explain why students should choose their school and the word “convenient” is certain to be mentioned. Many administrators equate online learning with convenience. They’ve saved students the trouble ... Read More

Building a Global Online Empire? Think Local.

BY: Steven Fischer July 25, 2019

You know that targeting is important when marketing your online college. You design ads with a specific audience in mind. On ad platforms, you use targeting tools to serve those ads to the potential students ... Read More

The Human Element in Programmatic Advertising for Higher Ed

BY: Emma Rose July 18, 2019

Programmatic Advertising sounds like a magic bullet for institutions of higher education. In using Programmatic Advertising, advertisers can spend less time buying ad space while still achieving finely targeted campaigns. The process relies heavily on ... Read More

Attracting the Right Students for Business Programs

BY: Emma Rose July 2, 2019

Why the focus on business students? Business degrees make up a huge percentage of the total degrees awarded to students each year. According to the National Center for Education Statistics more students are earning undergraduate ... Read More

Developing a Recruiting Strategy For a Mobile World

BY: Eric McGee June 24, 2019

This year, more students than ever will use mobile devices to conduct searches on prospective programs. Colleges that develop a comprehensive mobile strategy will be in position to benefit from this trend. We’ve developed an ... Read More

Accelerated Mobile Pages Basics for Higher Ed Marketers

BY: Emma Rose June 19, 2019

If you’ve done a search on your mobile phone recently, you’ve probably seen AMP in action. Type in a general search term like “education” and you’ll get traditional links, but you’ll also see image cards ... Read More

Are Liberal Arts and General Studies Programs Dead?

BY: Emma Rose June 5, 2019

Look around at the changes in higher education, and you’d be justified in wondering if liberal arts and general studies programs are dying. After all, modern students are increasingly older, working, and balancing life while ... Read More

Improve Landing Page Speed for More Conversions

BY: Emma Rose May 22, 2019

Slow web pages can hobble even the best marketing campaigns. And nowhere is page speed more important than on your landing page. When students hit your landing page, they likely haven’t yet decided whether or ... Read More

3 Metrics for an Enrollment Marketing Plan

BY: Emma Rose May 15, 2019

There’s no such thing as the perfect enrollment marketing plan. Creating a plan that works takes good data, some experience and a certain amount of trial and error. By measuring your metrics, you can get ... Read More

Partnering With Employers to Recruit Post-Traditional Students

BY: Emma Rose May 2, 2019

Enrollment by traditional students is falling, and colleges are looking for other ways to fill the enrollment gap. At the same time, employers are dealing with a troubling gap of their own. The skills gap. ... Read More

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