Improve Persistence Among Enrolled Online Students

BY: Emma Rose May 6, 2020

Student retention is a pressing issue for all institutions of higher education. Keeping students enrolled maximizes Return on Investment, boosts your program’s reputation, and helps you succeed in a competitive market. The key to all ... Read More

Build Stronger Relationships Through Training

BY: Emma Rose April 16, 2020

In a competitive higher education market, properly trained enrollment counselors can have a significant impact on your enrollments. Students expect counselors to help them choose the right education opportunities and to help them understand the ... Read More

Addressing the Post-Traditional Student Market

BY: Eric McGee April 9, 2020

Guest Appearance on The Onliners Podcast Carol Aslanian, Sr. Vice President for Aslanian Market Research, a Division of EducationDynamics, and Karina Kogan, Vice President of Partnership Development recently joined The Onliners podcast to discuss the ... Read More

Earning Google’s Position Zero

BY: Tyler Allen April 8, 2020

What Are Featured Snippets (and Why You Should Want Them) According to Search Engine Land, 50.33% of searches ended without a click on a search result, up from 43.9% in 2016. These “zero click searches” ... Read More

Marketing in Uncertain Times

BY: Eric McGee March 31, 2020

When is the right time? What is the right message? As the world comes to grips with the challenging new reality shaped by COVID-19, it can sometimes be a struggle for all of us to ... Read More

The Value of Talking Money

BY: Emma Rose March 30, 2020

Earning a college degree is a huge investment. College tuition and related costs loom large in the minds of your potential students. When you bring pricing into the conversation early, you confirm that you understand ... Read More

COVID-19 and Our Commitment to the Community

BY: Bruce Douglas March 20, 2020

A Message from Bruce Douglas, CEO of EducationDynamics We understand that COVID-19 is materially changing every aspect of our lives. Those of us in the higher education community have been grappling with these changes for ... Read More

Google Takes Us on a Paid Search Roller Coaster with Recent Core Update

BY: Sarah Russell February 28, 2020

Several weeks ago, Google rolled out an algorithm update dubbed the “January 2020 Core Update.” This update drove some volatility within organic rankings, rich snippets, and more across a wide range of industries; the metaphorical ... Read More

Unbundled Education Isn’t Here to Kill Your Degree Program.

BY: Emma Rose January 28, 2020

Living In a World With Choices. Unbundled education – The concept has circulated in higher education for over a decade. Some colleges and universities have tried to hide from it. Others have attempted to face ... Read More

Crafting Messaging That Converts

BY: Emma Rose January 8, 2020

5 steps to improving your conversions with better messaging The goal of any higher education marketing campaign is to convert inquiries into enrollments. Getting in front of the right people at the right time is ... Read More

EducationDynamics Announces the Acquisition of Key Assets of Thruline Marketing

BY: Eric McGee December 2, 2019

EducationDynamics, a leader in higher education marketing and enrollment management services, announces the acquisition of key assets of Thruline Marketing. EducationDynamics has acquired Thruline Marketing’s agency-of-record business, which provides paid digital marketing, traditional marketing, and ... Read More

Organize Around the Student Experience for Future Success

BY: Terry Rawls November 25, 2019

Guest Contributor: D. Terry Rawls, Ed.D.President, Strategic Transitions Group Here is your challenge: Find the longest whiteboard that you have on campus; thirty feet or longer would be best (although this can be done in ... Read More

Five Steps for Improving Your Reputation

BY: Emma Rose October 30, 2019

Your reputation, the beliefs or opinions prospective students hold about your school, plays an important role in building successful and thriving programs. According to the Post-Traditional College Student Report, published by EducationDynamics, reputation is as ... Read More

Improve Faculty Development to Grow Enrollments and Graduation

BY: Emma Rose September 19, 2019

To get better at something, you need to work at it. That principle is as true for your institution’s faculty as it is for the students they instruct. A thoughtful, yet flexible faculty development strategy ... Read More

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